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TEXAS: What Will 2019 Bring for Marijuana Law Reform in Texas?

Despite almost two-thirds of Texans in a Quinnipiac poll this summer saying they support the legalization of recreational marijuana use, Finkle says recreational weed is still at least three sessions, or six years, away for those Texans who are waiting it out.

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| November 26, 2018 | 4:00am

The 2017 Texas Legislature was this close to actually doing something about the state’s draconian marijuana laws. A bill that would’ve decriminalized possessing an ounce of pot or less was scheduled for a vote in the Texas House before being scuttled by a procedural maneuver. A comprehensive medical marijuana bill made it further than any similar measure had previously. House Bill 2107 passed out of committee with 78 co-sponsors, more than half the Texas House, but it failed to clear the final hurdle of being scheduled for a vote on the House floor.The opportunity for change was there, but nothing actually happened before the end of the legislative session last summer. Rather than being disappointed, marijuana reform advocates are hopeful that the groundwork they laid two years ago will contribute to a more successful session in 2019.


What new marijuana laws might pass in Texas this year?

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