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CMT SPOTLIGHT: USF Health Concierge Center to provide 1-stop shop

“Also, we are providing primary care,” says the center’s medical director Dr. Denise Edwards.” We are the quarterback for the team, essentially making sure that one doctor knows everything that is going on with the patient. If they are seeing multiple physicians, we want to ensure they are not getting fragmented care. We are going to give them more time and attention so they do not get lost in the shuffle.” The center will have six exam suites and multiple areas where doctors and patients can review lab results and other medical information in individual sessions. The decision to focus on women’s health needs is intended to meet a need in the health care system.[1]

Women expect quality, coordinated care from their health care professionals within a center of excellence.[4]

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The Pamela Muma Women’s Health Center will provide seamless coordination, comprehensive primary and preventive health care – not just gynecological care –exclusively for female patients. This care will be tailored to the needs of each individual patient, providing services from annual preventive visits covered by insurance to priority access for urgent, acute and chronic health care needs.

A monthly membership gives you access to this individualized attention and your private insurance, including Medicare, pays for your medical care. This membership also includes exclusive access to additional services and educational opportunities. We are now accepting new members, but space is limited so contact us now for more information on how to be part of this amazing center.

Building a national model from the heart.

This national model for dedicated women’s care is possible thanks to Pamela Muma’s vision.

“This is a godsend to all women. It’s been a dream of mine, a passion, to build a center of excellence that will treat the primary health care needs of women of all ages in a relaxing and comforting setting. This will provide annual physicals and other services in one facility, where diagnostics and imaging can be done in one day.”           —Pamela Muma

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The largest benefactors to USF in its history, Pam and Les Muma recently gifted $2 million to establish the Pamela Muma Center, which will offer comprehensive concierge medicine for women when it opens in late 2018.

The University of South Florida Women’s Health Collaborative recognized philanthropist Pam Muma and awarded $60,000 in funds for women’s health research at its fifth annual Leading the Way Awards Luncheon on May 8 at the Bryan Glazer JCC. More than 260 community leaders and health researchers attended the luncheon, making it the largest event since the program’s inception. The USF Women’s Health Collaborative program provides annual seed grants for interdisciplinary, collaborative research focused on women’s health. Many past seed grant projects have resulted in prestigious publications and presentations, as well as additional grants and research awards. Since the program began five years ago, more than $325,000 in seed grants have been awarded to 88 researchers for 29 research projects.[2] To read full story, click here.

Story by Davina Gould, USF Health Development and Alumni Relations | Photos Above and below: Conceptual renderings of the Pamela Muma Women’s Health Center

The Pamela Muma Women’s Health Center at the USF Health South Tampa Center for Advanced Healthcare will open in 2018 to provide one-stop, concierge health services including annual visits, specialty care, lab services, screenings, nutritional and exercise consultations, and other health-related services in a comfortable clinical environment.

“I feel this is a godsend to all women,” said Pam Muma, who first envisioned the center and has worked with USF Health Care over the past two years to bring it to reality. “It’s been a dream of mine, a passion, to build a center of excellence that will treat the primary health care needs of women of all ages in a relaxing and comforting setting. This will provide annual physicals in one facility, where diagnostics and imaging can be done in one day, and most importantly, with the same-day results.”

Members of the Muma Women’s Health Center will have access to nurse navigators and physicians via text, email or telemedicine, with same-day or next-day appointments for urgent needs.

“Pam’s leadership in creating this center has been just incredible,” said Rich Sobieray, CEO of USF Health Care. “In my career, I’ve never worked with someone outside the health care profession who has been so dedicated to improving the patient experience. Pam has already given so much of her personal time and energy to her vision, and now to see her and Les make such a significant gift to bring this to life…it’s amazing.”

Pam thanked Charles Lockwood, MD, senior vice president for USF Health and dean of the Morsani College of Medicine, for encouraging her to pursue the idea in conjunction with his patient care leadership team.

“That gave me the confidence to go for it,” said Pam Muma, who was involved in hiring Dr. Emily Haly as the center’s physician director. Dr. Haly will join USF Health in December.

In 2006, the Mumas donated $6 million to endow the Pamela and Leslie Muma Chair in Neonatology and fund the Lisa Muma Weitz neonatal research laboratory at the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine and to build the state-of-the-art Jennifer Leigh Muma Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Tampa General Hospital, which is staffed by USF Health physicians and fellows.

“When Pam sees an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, she doesn’t hesitate,” said Dr. Lockwood. “So many newborn lives have been saved or improved as a result of the Mumas’ past giving to USF’s neonatology program. We are beyond grateful for her and Les and for this new investment.”

“Pam’s vision will help USF provide outstanding care to women in a unique manner, creating synergy between providers and patients that will further advance the health care quality for all women,” said Cathy Lynch, MD, associate vice president of women’s health at USF Health. Dr. Lynch noted that USF Women’s Health will recognize Pam Muma with its “Remark-a-Bull” award for advocacy and support for women’s health at its annual Women’s Health Collaborative luncheon on May 8, 2018, at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC.[3]





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