Concierge Health Care Available Same-Day Amid 29-Day Wait Crisis

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As wait times to get in to see a physician skyrocket around the country, those leveraging concierge health care are receiving same-day care and on demand access to their concierge physician.

( — February 4, 2019) — Research gathered by Merritt Hawkins shows a steady increase in appointment wait times in recent years. Whereas patients had a 20-day delay in getting care with their family physician back in 2009, the latest study now shows an average of 29 days, for a 45 percent hike. One area that isn’t being impacted by the change is concierge health care, which can get patients in for appointments on the day they call.

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Certain areas are harder hit than others by these delays. For example, waits in mid-sized markets are nearly 33 percent higher than those in large metro markets. In Boston, new patients wait more than 53 days on average, and it takes residents 109 days to see their family physician. Albany tops this at 122 days.

Delays in care aren’t restricted to family practices, though. Merritt Hawkins notes as much as a 33 percent increase in waits for certain specialties, with branches like dermatology and cardiology leading. Although not all concierge health care practices provide specialty care in addition to primary care services, those like Dedication Health in Chicago do, reducing appointment wait times across the board.

“Memberships are limited, ensuring that our patients receive the full commitment and attention of our staff,” explains John E. Croghan, MD of Dedication Health. “Concierge medical practices, such as Dedication Health, have a low-volume, high-touch service mission.” It’s this approach which enables providers like Dr. Croghan to get patients in faster than others do.

In short, concierge health care can be tapped into quicker because doctors see fewer patients overall. Whereas a traditional practice may have thousands, concierge medicine practices are typically limited to a couple hundred. Patients reserve their spaces by paying a membership or retainer fee, but Dr. Croghan adds the higher level of health care is “more affordable than many people realize.” In addition to having shorter waits to get in, patients also get more one-on-one time with their doctors, a wider array of services, such as in-house x-rays, CT scans, and lab work, and perks, like 24/7 access to their concierge physician.

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