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LEGAL | Internet Law and Cyber-Security | The Rise and Danger of Virtual Assistants in the Workplace

By: Lenore Benessere, Robert D. Lang


  • Virtual assistants likely will become a mainstay in the workplace, so how should lawyers counsel their clients on their use?
  • Virtual assistants processing and retaining your interactions in the Cloud raises privacy concerns and potentially creates a discoverable and admissible record with each use.
  • Lawyers will play a crucial role in developing this new area of law.

“Don’t ever say anything you don’t want played back to you someday.” This famous quote from Mafioso John Gotti is not the most likely advice that we would think to give to our clients. After all, law school and years of practice have taught us to counsel them on the need for good record-keeping practices to aid in prosecuting a lawsuit or ensuring a meaningful defense. We, especially those who are in-house counsel, are also likely to dispense advice regarding how to avoid litigation altogether by creating processes and providing training to ensure that clients and their employees are aware of their contractual obligations and comply with them. Although these tasks are still the linchpin of sound lawyering, a new area of concern has emerged.



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