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J. Parkinson, MD: Matching the right primary care tool to the needs of each person

JULY 13, 2018 |

Jay Parkinson, MD, MPH

Physician | CEO | Speaker | Created a new model of healthcare delivery: Virtual Primary Care

Yesterday, I posted a chart detailing the characteristics of new and traditional primary care models. Today, I’m going to try to identify who would be a best fit for each model.

The following is a primer on how primary care works, how people spend on care, and how spend can be affected by the various new models of primary care.

I’m a firm believer in matching the right tool for the problem at hand. ACE Hardware sells a $14 hammer. But you can also buy a $14,000 solid titanium hammer. In the past, doctors had one tool— an ongoing relationship with a patient that took place within an exam room and a bill where the more they did in the visit, the more they got paid. To fix a problem, you had to visit the doctor and pay them a variable, unknown rate. Now, there are multiple tools/primary care models available disrupting that relationship/exam room concept.

To that end, we need to define the “problem” to be solved and, to do this, we need to define the various types of healthcare users. For this exercise, I’m going to just consider adults over age 18 to retirement. I tend to split them into 4 categories:



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