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Interview with David S. Karow, M.D., Ph.D., Chief of Radiogenomics and interim CEO at Human Longevity (HLI)

David S. Karow, M.D., Ph.D., Chief of Radiogenomics and interim CEO at HLI, spoke at the 2018 Concierge Medicine FORUM in Atlanta, GA a few weeks ago about Human Longevity and HLI’s Health Nucleus. (Source: Concierge Medicine Today, FORUM, Left, Dr. David Karow, CEO of HLI and Right, Michael Tetreault, Editor-n-Chief of Concierge Medicine Today.)

Chief of Radiogenomics & Interim Chief Executive Officer

David S. Karow, M.D., Ph.D., Chief of Radiogenomics and interim CEO at HLI, is an innovative leader who brings more than 10 years of experience in advanced MR Imaging and genomic analytics. Dr. Karow’s primary interest is to develop machine-learning based integrated diagnostics that leverage imaging, genetic, and clinical biomarkers to generate more insightful health assessments and identify disease in early stages when it is most treatable.


Before joining HLI, Dr. Karow was the Director of Body MRI and Director of Acute Care Imaging in the Department of Radiology at University of California, San Diego (UC San Diego), where he still maintains an appointment as an Associate Professor. During his time at UC San Diego he implemented advanced diffusion-based methods that proved beneficial for the detection and in vivo characterization of prostate tumors. The work has yielded multiple published papers and led to multiple federal and private research grants on which Dr. Karow was Principal Investigator. Dr. Karow is compiling data showing that these techniques may be useful for the screening and staging of cancer across the whole body including breast cancer.

Dr. Karow completed his fellowship in diagnostic and non-vascular interventional radiology, including tumor ablations, at University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to fellowship, he completed his residency in diagnostic radiology at UC San Diego. His research during residency was recognized with multiple awards, including the 2011 Elliott C. Lasser Award for Excellence in Research; 2009 American Roentgen Ray Society Executive Council Award; the 2008 RSNA Trainee Research Prize; and his work was also featured on the cover of the September 2010 issue of the journal Radiology. Prior to residency, Dr. Karow completed his medical training at the University of Michigan medical school in the combined M.D./Ph.D. Medical Scientist Training Program, graduating with a distinction in research.

About HLI

Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI), was founded by leaders in genomics with the ultimate goal of giving everyone access to the power of data-driven health intelligence. HLI combines state-of-the-art DNA sequencing and expert analysis with machine learning, to help change medicine to a more data-driven science. With a multidisciplinary team of research scientists, computing experts and physicians, we are empowering every part of the healthcare system to work more efficiently.

Novel Insights. Improved Outcomes.

By combining the largest collection of genomic and phenotypic data, HLI is able to use machine learning and expert analysis to transform the data into meaningful and useful insights. This turns the information into new discoveries that can inform health decisions leading to new treatment options, personal health plans, and the potential for longer, healthier human lifespans.



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