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Dear Doctors, All I can say is “Wow.”

Every day, we get a decision. Do you really want to serve frustrated, sick and grumpy Patients stale crackers and a warm bottle of water as compensation for making them wait over an hour … ?

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief | TRUE STORY, March 2019 (and yes, THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED this week in a traditional healthcare environment, not a Concierge Medical environment)

type·cast | Dictionary result for typecast/ˈtīpˌkast/ verb: to be cast repeatedly in the same type of role.

ATLANTA, GA – 2018 Concierge Medicine FORUM brings precision medicine and concierge medicine together.

“For better or worse, in sickness and in health, Doctors are married to a typecast. It’s both fair and unfair all at the same time and it’s an unnecessary and unfair burden placed upon you. But it’s real and it’s waiting for you when you return home to your medical practice. People want something from you and they want to pay you for that insight, time and expertise. What people need from you today, tomorrow and until the end of time, is you leaning in and listening to them. It’s not fair what we ask you to do but [Doctors] it’s your responsibility alone in our culture and society today … to meet and exceed a Patient’s expectation of care, listen to them, rinse and repeat this process each and every day … until one day you’ve hung up your white coat for good. That is the Concierge Medicine mandate here today and it is the burden placed upon you now and when each of you return home and see your next Patient, Monday morning … invite them into your practice, invite them to become participants in their healthcare. You can do this and you can do it exceedingly well knowing, you’re not alone.”

~Editor, Michael Tetreault, at the Concierge Medicine FORUM, October 2018 ahead of the Keynote Speaker in Atlanta, GA

Editor’s Note: Please watch the Video BELOW … before you continue reading … this will help you understand the framework of this story. WATCH Video Below of our Concierge Medicine Futurists Panel: “Welcome to Wonderland” from our latest Concierge Medicine FORUM just a few weeks ago to help explain and support the theme of this editorial … 

ABOVE: Patients don’t want stale crackers and a bottle of water as compensation for their time. This happened just this week (March 2019) where a Patient texted Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) about her recent visit to a non-Concierge Medical practice. RELATED STORY … A new Physician reader suggested weekly column by our publication called ‘Tales from the Script’ … highlights random Physician and Patient submissions by unidentified docs and their patients regarding ridiculous experiences — but more importantly, offers suggestions by Concierge Medicine Physicians on what others can do to improve, challenge the status-quo and learn from these and change healthcare for the better.


A Doctor walks out of an exam room, looks up and sighs.

He notices he’s running an hour late.

So, he tells the Office Manager to get those orange crackers and some warm bottles of water from the back closet and break room and hand them out to Patients.

Medical Office Staff: “Crackers and Water For Your Time, Ma’am?”

Well, it’s an attempt at trying to remedy poor scheduling and a kinda sorta I’ll try to do something that looks like customer service … albeit one for the story books.

Every day, we get a decision. Do you really want this to be the story people tell when they leave your practice?

We should not make the experience of talking with our Doctor any less interesting than having a conversation with a close friend in our living room. This is customer service 101 for every other business … yet in healthcare, we do almost nothing to go the extra mile to make people feel welcome and at home. We all need to do more — and be encouraging and supportive of those that try something new!

If you have ideas on great customer service and patient relations, share them in the comments below. We want to know what works well for you!

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