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Dear Doctor, The Bond Between Patient and Concierge Doctor.

Dear Doctors,  

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I recently sat down with five Physicians and asked each of them where they want to be in the next three years, professionally and personally.

Of course, the answers varied somewhat by each individuals personal and family goals but one common thread was present.

They said in their own way … ‘I Want to Create A Closer Bond With Each Patient.’

What a powerful message for a Patient.

Today, 7 out of every 10 Patients we surveyed out of more than 1,000 responses said they have lost faith in their Doctor. Not only that, but we found they want a Doctor that they can ‘Know, Like and Trust.’

Our healthcare marketplace and care delivery environments today are not set up to create these tight bonds between Doctor and Patient.

As we move into the weekend, be encouraged that there are Doctors out there, like you who are reading this … who share the same vision as you do!

Look for new ways in your community that you can create a closer bond with people. You’ll be glad you did and they will be too!

Have a great weekend!



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