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COSMO | Inside the Most Beautiful Gynecology Office in the World

A brand-new clinic opening in New York City wants to make going to the gyno, like, not terrible.


Everything about the Tia Clinic—a membership-based women’s health practice that opens March 7 in New York City—is aspirational. From the living-slash-waiting room that’s nicer than my own apartment to the perfectly heated exam rooms (for your comfort, naturally), this doctor’s office feels more like a luxury hotel lobby or a holistic spa than a place where you get pap smears and blood drawn.

At the Tia Clinic, get integrated gynecology, wellness and primary care under one roof and one health record.

  • Early morning, evening & weekend appointments

  • Chat with your Care Team

  • Discounted wellness services

  • Exclusive Tia community events

  • A cycle, health & wellness tracker that connects with your doc!

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