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Dear Doctor, “We all learn [even in business] on a need to know basis.”

Dear Doctors,  

I recently had the opportunity to visit my alma mater in Tennessee and reconnect with a few of my professors during my visit. I even had professor give me a photocopy of one of my old term papers that she said she put in the University Historical archives … almost 20-years later!

She wrote on it some 20-years ago … “Love your festival of quotes!” But then, next to it was an “A-.” She told me it was because of my grammar. We laughed. I told her I still have a lot grammatical issues. It was a nice moment.


The Pro Bono Dilemma: Saying No When It Feels Hard and Setting Healthy Boundaries With Friends and Family Who Ask You To Work For Free.

For you as a Doctor today, what’s the correlation?

If you’re like most adults, “we learn on a need to know basis.” Something old that we’ve read or seen before may provide insight for us, years later.

As you’ve probably experienced, it is not safe to assume that a Patient will automatically know what to do with what you’ve taught them. They need specific direction. They want to feel heard, respected and that’s difficult sometimes. We’ve learned that even in healthcare, particularly in Concierge Medicine and Private, Direct Medicine that sometimes, a Patient is far more interested in what works than what’s true. Why else would they keep printing something from the Internet and asking you about it?

As of late, we’ve spent a lot content-energy and time talking about what to do with the difficult, demanding and boundaryless patient at CMT. Doctors have provided us with their strategies for common things like what do you do when a family member or friend isn’t a patient but keeps coming back wanting free advice from you. These challenges require an extra step in your preparation. But this is how you grow. (Listen to that story here …)

The work of the Doctor is serious. You work a lot of hours and one way we’ve found Doctors can digest new insight into being a better doctor is in small bites.

So, we’ve put together this “Festival of Quotes” from Concierge Medicine and Private Doctors from across the Country just for you. Maybe you’ll find one or two them helpful today. Click Here to Read …

Maybe in a week, you’ll bookmark and return to this “festival of quotes” and discover something new to work on.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you find your own way to grow this week!

Most Sincerely,



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