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CMT SPOTLIGHT: Meet Dr. Lisa Larkin, on a mission for Exceptional Primary Care for Women


MARIEMONT, OH – Lisa Larkin, MD, a nationally renowned women’s health internist, has founded a new healthcare organization focused on raising the level of primary care for women.


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Ms.Medicine ™ addresses the unmet medical needs of women in the primary care setting through a concierge medicine model. The practice offers comprehensive, evidence-based primary care as well as women’s-specific specialty care, such as menopause management, sexual health, cancer survivorship, genetics, gynecology, pelvic floor physical therapy and nutrition –  care throughout a woman’s lifetime.

Lisa Larkin, MD, a nationally renowned women’s health internist, has founded a new healthcare organization focused on raising the level of primary care for women.

“Women are not getting the care they need or deserve in today’s primary care setting, and women’s health-specific issues are often neglected and ignored,” said Dr. Larkin, Ms.Medicine’s Founder and CEO. “Physicians practicing in the traditional healthcare model are restricted by health insurance or Medicare, which means they are forced to see more and more patients in a day and spend less time with each patient, so only urgent needs can be addressed. Women’s complex needs, such as sexual health, cardiovascular health, breast cancer risk, nutrition and other types of preventative care are being neglected.”

The concierge membership model means that Ms.Medicine providers opt out of Medicare or health insurance. This allows them to maintain a much smaller practice with far fewer patients than traditional primary care models, so they are able to commit more time and knowledge to each patient and build a relationship that addresses not only immediate concerns but also focuses on wellness and prevention. Ms.Medicine patients pay an annual membership fee – about the same cost as a one-day executive health appointment — which gains them unlimited, 24/7 access (including by email and cell phone) to their Ms.Medicine provider, and covers all visits. Additionally, patients have access to deeply discounted prescription medications, lab work, imaging and other services.

Launching initially in Cincinnati, Ms.Medicine plans to become a national organization of experienced, specialty trained primary care providers, supported by a national network of women’s health experts. The Ms.Medicine providers in Cincinnati – which include Lisa Larkin, MD, Maria Wright, MD and Anna Fox, CNP, — are all internal medicine providers who have extensive experience in women’s health and primary care and have all received advance training in women’s health through the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) or the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH).

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“Our vision is to become a national organization of specialty trained, women’s health experts setting the standard for exceptional, evidence-based women’s health care,” said Dr. Larkin.

Dr. Larkin is also President and CEO of Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates, an internal medicine and women’s health practice which uses the Direct Primary Care (DPC) and concierge medicine models. The practice recently introduced the Ms.Medicine concept to its existing patients and is now accepting a small number of new women patients into the practice.

To learn more about Ms.Medicine, visit or call 513.760.5511.

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