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Google + A.I. Projects | Prediction algorithms for when you might get sick

Google is committed to using its machine learning technology in health care. Just one of a handful of projects underway at Google Brain, its research group, involves figuring out potential medical events based on a massive store of clinical data provided by local Bay Area hospitals. Its computers might soon determine whether patients are at a higher risk of a potentially life-threatening disease like sepsis, or are more likely to be readmitted to the hospital after discharge. More on that effort here. ~CNBC; February 2019

Alphabet is taking on health care with a bunch of projects – here are some of the most ambitious

  • Alphabet is dabbling in a wide range of health-care projects across its different companies, including Verily and Calico.
  • Some are farther along and have a real shot at having an impact, while others are wildly speculative.
  • On Wednesday, Alphabet announced a new effort to take on the opioid crisis.
Christina Farr |

It’s also working on an app called Streams through its DeepMind group, which was recently absorbed back into Google. That product, which has been in the works for years, is designed to help doctors identify early signs of kidney failure and other ailments.



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