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Apple recently introduced fall detection into its latest Apple Watch.

Verily was previously known as Google Life Sciences, but in 2015 it became a separate company under Google’s parent company, Alphabet, and is tracked financially within Alphabet’s “Other Bets” segment. In January, it raised $1 billion from Silver Lake and others to “increase flexibility and optionality,” according to the company’s CEO Andy Conrad, which could be an indicator of a potential spin-out from Alphabet.[1]

Verily Study Watch Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for ECG

One area of focus for Study Watch has been cardiovascular health, as heart disease remains the number one killer of men and women in the United States1. Most cardiovascular events are preventable and the American Heart Association (AHA) has a stated goal of advancing mobile health to enhance prevention and care2. The good news is there are well-understood signals that can indicate heart disease and the risk of a future event. The electrocardiogram, or ECG, is a measurement of the electrical activity of the heart and is useful in diagnosing a myriad of heart conditions.[2]


Alphabet’s Verily has been working on health-tracking shoes to measure movement, weight and falls[1]

  • Alphabet’s Verily has been showing off a prototype of shoes that can track weight, movement, and potentially even detect falls.
  • The Google sister company has pitched the prototype in hopes of securing a co-development partner, according to two people familiar.
  • Verily’s team is working on a wide range of health-related hardware projects, including “smart” contact lenses and a “smart” spoon to make it easier for people with movement disorders to eat.


Healthcare wearables level up with new moves from Apple and Alphabet[3]




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