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Editor: “So, I got ‘Evidence’ AND a Second Opinion Before My Surgery.” — WATCH

Editor: “So, I got ‘Evidence’ AND a Second Opinion Before My Surgery.” — WATCH

By Michael Tetreault, Editor

‘Ain’t no way a Concierge Doctor can fix this …’

Literally was the first thing I thought when I filleted the muscle, severed the two digital nerves in my thumb and the blood started gushing from the palm of my hand.

“Honey, get your keys, we gotta go!” I said to my wife.

A few paper towels, moments of agony later, we were at the emergency room.

“It’s bleeding so much … just hang on,” my wife said.

For now, lets hit the pause button there and I promise I’ll share the rest of my story soon. But fast forward to a week or two ago before hand surgery. I made this video chronicling my wife and I’d adventure and misadventures with doctors, surgeon staff, insurance the like. The video below is well, of my own true story of care but with helpful Doctors leading my wife and I on a journey of ‘Evidence-finding’ and patient outcome discovery and education that led us to make the right decision before we had surgery.

tet surgehandMore on this story and details about insurance, hospital charge masters, specialist care and more coming soon! Meanwhile, here’s a little excerpt from this past month.


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