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OECD | Meanwhile in Canada … healthcare privatization a lesson for the whole nation — a whopping 30% of health expenditures paid for through private health insurance or out-of-pocket spending.

Patients are permitted to pay a non-enrolled physician out-of-pocket, but not with private “duplicative” insurance (such insurance — covering the same patients and services as MSP — does not currently exist in BC). Very few BC physicians are non-enrolled in MSP. (1, Read More …)

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In British Columbia, as in the rest of Canada, the health care system, “Medicare,” provides public funding for all medically necessary hospital and physician services.

The BC Supreme Court will soon be ruling on a constitutional challenge that may very well change the face of health care in Canada. Dr. Brian Day, the founder of Cambie Surgery Centre in British Columbia, is challenging the laws that prohibit doctors from billing patients privately for procedures covered under publicly-funded medicare. He is also arguing that doctors should be allowed to charge patients user fees and to practice in both private and public health systems. Colleen Flood explains why Dr. Day is contesting these laws. Dr. Colleen M. Flood is the Ottawa University Research Chair in Health Law and Policy and an expert advisor for Interview by Mélanie Meloche-Holubowski, journalist intern at, and journalist with Radio-Canada. The Evidence Network of Canadian Health Policy, commonly known as, is a Canadian healthcare resource designed with the needs of journalists in mind. The project links journalists with health policy experts to provide access to credible, evidence-based information. We also create original OpEds, articles, podcasts, infographics, posters and videos on health policy topics for publication in the mainstream media.

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