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TECHNOLOGY, NEWS, TREND SPOT: EHR/EMR Adoption Use Inside Subscription-Based Medicine Mirrors National Trends

Circa 2016-2017 … “Subscription-based, membership medicine clinics [including both Concierge Care; MicroClinics and Direct Primary Care], their staff and physicians have some of the same yet, very different technology needs from their EHR/EMR vendors as they did prior to modifying their business models,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor of Concierge Medicine Today and its sister trade journal, The Direct Primary Care Journal. “Today, we conclude our [500 physicians surveyed from 2015-2017] analysis and compare the EHR/EMR utilization and vendor selection results to other national reports and … we find a few EMR and EHR Software solutions are rising to the top for very different reasons.” – Click to READ FULL STORY …

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