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In New England, the Rewards of Concierge Medicine for Physician and Patient Fuel Rising Growth

Dr. Alan I. Glaser joins an expanding network of Specialdocs clients in the Boston area

Dr. Alan I. Glaser joins an expanding network of Specialdocs concierge physician clients in the Boston area with the launch of a personalized medicine option at Wellesley Primary Care Medicine in Wellesley Hills. Source: Specialdocs, 2019

CHICAGO, May 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Home to some of the country’s finest hospitals and physicians, Boston can also lay claim to seeding and nurturing the growing concierge medicine movement.  Prominent local doctors were among the first to recognize the unique benefits of Specialdocs personalized care model, a pioneer in concierge medicine transitions and management.

“Working with Dr. John Levinson, who had established one of New England’s earliest concierge medicine practices, AllCare Medical, almost 20 years ago, marked the beginning of a long, successful history here,” says Specialdocs CEO Terry Bauer. “It’s one we’re privileged to continue as our newest physician client, Dr. Alan Glaser, prepares to transform his patients’ experience by offering this extraordinarily personalized approach.”

For Dr. Glaser, maintaining the status quo was no longer an option.

“The greatest reward of practicing medicine is being available to provide care, comfort and undivided attention to my patients when they’re ill, and scared, and want to see me – right now. The demands of a traditional practice made this challenging to achieve and impossible to sustain – and it’s why I chose concierge medicine with Specialdocs,” he says.

The model’s growth is directly attributable to a healthcare environment that has remained challenging in recent years, characterized by distressingly high physician burnout rates, continually decreasing reimbursements and an unhealthy focus on expanded patient volumes, according to Bauer. In contrast, the cornerstone of concierge care, a membership-based, intentionally small patient panel, enables doctors to thrive in an independent, primary care practice, of particular importance in a time when health system/physician-employed models are becoming more dominant.*

“Studies point to the value of a dedicated primary care physician who has formed strong relationships with their patients over time, inspiring highly effective care tailored to the individual,” explains Bauer. “For many, this reflects the standard set many years ago for highest-quality American medicine, but is now in danger of becoming nothing more than a treasured memory. Concierge medicine has helped our physician clients preserve a vision of care that has defined their careers.”

Agrees Dr. Glaser: “A concierge practice restores the most vital parts of care. I have always believed real healing begins only when we have time to hear the patient’s whole story and dig deep to uncover the root cause of an illness.”

Looking back, Dr. Levinson reflects on the profound professional and personal impact of his change to concierge medicine.

“It meant going from working for the hospital or the insurance company to working for the patient. It’s a gift to be able to do this, and with concierge medicine, that gift is realized,” he says.

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Specialdocs Consultants has provided expert guidance to physicians across the country since 2002, helping them transform their practices and lives with one of the most viable, sustainable concierge medicine models in the industry. Specialdocs supports physicians throughout the transition and remains with them long afterwards.



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