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(Watch) A growing network of independent physicians find success and autonomy with Specialdocs’ unique concierge medicine model

Specialdocs Helps Chicago’s Primary Care Physicians Remain Independent with Concierge Medicine

Dr. Adam Rubinstein provides patient-focused medicine at his office in Vernon Hills, Illinois, after making the change to a concierge practice in 2018 with help from Specialdocs. CLICK HERE TO WATCH …

CHICAGO, June 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Long known as a hub of renowned hospitals and progressive care, Chicago is also home to the growing concierge medicine movement. Prominent local doctors were among the first to recognize the unique benefits of working with Chicago-based Specialdocs Consultants, a pioneering force in concierge medicine transitions and management nationwide.

“Working with the area’s top doctors, hailing from respected institutions including Northwestern Medicine and Rush University Medical Center, who desired to retain their independence in private practice, has defined us from the beginning,” says Specialdocs CEO Terry Bauer. “We’re privileged to expand our network as our unique model continues to gain momentum with physicians seeking a sustainable way to practice medicine in the way they have always envisioned.”

The model’s growth is directly attributable to a healthcare environment noted for high rates of physician burnout, continually squeezed reimbursement and a focus on volume over value, according to Bauer. In contrast, the cornerstone of concierge care is a membership-based patient panel kept intentionally small to enable doctors to thrive in an independent, primary care practice, particularly important as health system/physician-employed models become more dominant.*

“Study after study points to what dedicated primary care physicians have always known: the value of a physician who has formed strong relationships with their patients over time, which inspires the highest quality, most effective care, tailored to the individual,” explains Bauer. “Once the standard for American medicine, it’s in danger of becoming nothing more than a memory of a bygone era. I’ve witnessed firsthand how a membership practice transforms our physicians’ personal and professional lives by restoring this vision of care.”

For Dr. Adam Rubinstein, the decision to transition his Vernon Hills practice to Specialdocs’ concierge model last year was fueled by the diminishing connection with his patients in a traditional, volume-based practice.

“If you want to be a primary care physician today, you have to limit the time you’re seeing patients so you see enough people in a day to satisfy your employer – and to keep your job,” he says. “As doctors, we have to be able to do what we do. I needed to be able to guide my patients through the stages of their lives the right way, demonstrating I’m marching in step with them.”

One year in, Dr. Rubinstein affirms why concierge medicine provided the solution he long sought.

“I can pursue my passion without worrying my livelihood or family will be harmed. Each visit provides another opportunity to learn more about my patients and work together to achieve best outcomes. I’m able to be patient-focused now and I never would have been able to say that before.”

Specialdocs Consultants has provided expert guidance to physicians across the country since 2002, helping them transform their practices with the most customized and sustainable concierge medicine model in the industry. Click here to learn more or call 847-432-4502.



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