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INVESTMENT in CONCIERGE CARE Continuing Reports Yahoo! … Trends 2019-2020

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Major Themes In Investment Markets … Concierge Medicine Is One of Them … reports Yahoo! News

JUNE 2019 | By Jeff Remsburg InvestorPlace |

Beyond 5G, there are several other major themes in the investment markets today — legalized marijuana, autonomous vehicles, next generation batteries, and concierge medicine, just to name a few.

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Crown Castle and American Tower are both companies that operate in the telecom/5G space. As you know, 5G is the technology that’s powering the communications revolution that’s going to redefine our world in just a few short years.

Stepping back, “5G” belongs in a different bucket than the S&P — a much narrower bucket. You see, 5G is a “theme” and investors who want to bet alongside this theme are “thematic” investors.



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