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Two Concierge Medicine Programs Make WORTH’s Top 7 Executive Wellness Programs for Women

7 Top Executive Wellness Programs for Women | WORTH

EDITOR’s NOTE, Concierge Medicine Today (CMT), June 21, 2019: “We could not be more excited and proud of all of the Physicians and programs that made this list,” say Michael Tetreault, Editor of CMT. “In particular, two private, personalized concierge medicine programs made the list … Ms. Medicine and Dr. Lisa Larkin and MDVIP and Dr. Andrea Klemes. We applaud their efforts in moving the needle forward for women in executive health. Well done!”

Medical services for C-suite executives have existed for years, but they’ve largely been designed with male patients in mind. That’s starting to change. These seven programs offer something unique for female executives.

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BY Jackie Cooperman | Life | Jun 14, 2019

When Worth covered executive health programs five years ago, our story was largely based on the experience of male patients. Today, some of the country’s top hospitals and medical entrepreneurs are addressing female executives’ specific screening and health needs, including birth control, perimenopause, menopause, bone density, breast and gynecological cancers.



SOURCE: https://www.worth.com/7-top-executive-wellness-programs-for-women/

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