The Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine Announced: Recognizing the Thought Leaders

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FREMONT, California, May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine was announced today. It is an initiative by BIS Research and Insight Monk to recognize the impactful work of an eminent list of thought leaders in the field of precision medicine at a global stage. This nomination-based compendium showcases and celebrates the diversity and talent among the interdisciplinary leaders of the healthcare industry and highlights their influence on the industry.

Yash Agarwal, AVP-Growth, BIS Research, commented, “Given our acute focus on emerging and disruptive developments, our interactions with over 100 healthcare organizations helped us identify precision medicine as a key enabler for the future of healthcare industry. Having scientifically analyzed the impact of the work been done in the field of precision medicine, we aim to bring forward some of the most extraordinary achievements in this document.”

This elite compendium has been compiled by the efforts of the BIS Research executive team who had spread the word about it to individuals across the globe with path-breaking contribution in the healthcare industry. Over 6 months of nominee profile form filling resulted in us getting over 200 nominations from across the global healthcare industry. The list of Top 25 Voices was selected based on the assessment of the aggregate impact score that a person contributes to the advancement of the precision medicine ecosystem.

Wahid Khan, Principal Analyst, BIS Research, said, “We went through a rigorous process of analysing the initial pool of nominations and shortlisting the Top 25 Voices through an iterative process based on eight core parameters including product developments, publications, entrepreneurial achievements, and years of experience, among others.”

Success in driving growth in the field of precision medicine has been largely dependent on the presence of these thought leaders who are highly skilled interdisciplinary leaders who contribute with their innovation, organization, and guidance.  These leaders with their ‘voice’ have been able to influence and benefit the healthcare industry.

This marquee list contains a host of individuals from corporate and academia. Gianluca Pettiti, President Biosciences, Thermo Fisher Scientific, one of the Top 25 Voices, focusses on precision medicine to create an improvised diagnostic system for doctors so as for them to make better choices and patients to have better outcomes. Another thought leader of Top 25 Voices from the corporate domain is Jennifer Cook, CEO, Grail Inc., who believes that in this period of rapid evolution, we have an unprecedented opportunity to improve health outcomes. Individuals from leading medical schools such as Stanford University and Harvard Medical School represent the academicians in the Top 25 Voices of Precision Medicine.

Arvind Pal, Analyst, BIS Research, said: “Out of the overwhelming response in the number of nominations received for the compendium, 61% of them felt that oncology will be the major breakthrough area for precision medicine in the coming years, whereas only 20% felt that infectious diseases shall be the breakthrough area. Amongst those, 55% of them felt that legal and regulatory framework will be the major challenge for precision medicine in the coming years, however, only 15% of them find the lack of partnerships as a vital challenge.”

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