BUSINESS of MEDICINE | Dr. Jeffrey Roh acknowledges that bringing innovation to healthcare — especially around price transparency — is an uphill battle.

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IntuitiveX’s latest spinout is Transpara Health, a startup that is bringing price transparency to the healthcare marketplace by publicly listing the costs of services from individual providers. The site recently launched with information from around 250 providers. Increasingly, providers are offering direct pricing for services at rates that are lower than what a patient might pay to their insurance for the same service … Many of the initial providers on the platform are those that don’t traditionally accept insurance, such as massage therapists, or “concierge medicine” providers that charge an annual fee to patients in exchange for services.


Transpara Health empowers individuals to take control of their own health through a robust and easy-to-use software solution for patients to quickly find and connect with top-notch healthcare professionals that meet their search criteria. Quality patient care is our focus, as evident through Transparency: Patients receive full transparency to pricing, relevant data, and the provider’s background before committing to an appointment. We believe that transparency builds trust, which builds closer patient-physician relationships, and ultimately enables patients to receive the most appropriate and personalized treatment and care.

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Baron Schimberg founded his firm, the Schimberg Group, in 2004.

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One of Baron Schimberg’s business mottos is to never get too comfortable — even though the longtime Sarasota architect is all about making clients comfortable in their space, home or work. Schimberg’s latest move to break the contentedness is to flip his firm’ payment model, from a project-by-project basis to a retainer model, more akin to concierge medicine. Schimberg, who founded his firm, Schimberg Group, in 2004 after a decade working for another architect, says he’s the only architecture firm he knows of nationwide shifting to a retainer-style pay model.

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