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Executive Medicine of Texas expands services to focus on couples’ health with their Power Couple Concierge Plan.

Research has shown that couples who take positive health steps together, improve faster and have better results. Executive Medicine of Texas is challenging couples to make overall health part of their relationship goals.

DALLAS, July 29, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — It’s no secret that getting healthy is hard, but it’s even harder when one person in a marriage is trying to do so without the support of the other. Studies on wellness have shown that couples who actively support each other will not only be healthier, their marriage will also improve. Judy Gaman, CEO of Executive Medicine of Texas knows this all too well, “We’ve seen it firsthand within our practice. Not only is the person engaged in the process for themselves, they become a cheerleader for the spouse. We have literally kept couples together by simply addressing their health issues, which in turn gives new life to the marriage.”

The new Power Couple Concierge program at Executive Medicine of Texas starts with a half day executive physical exam for both partners. With over one hundred different laboratory values, including hormones, the physician is able to get a good sense of the patient’s chemistry. A cognitive assessment, cardiac stress test, fitness assessment, body composition analysis and a number of other tests, combine to show the patient’s overall health status. “You can’t fix what you don’t measure,” says founding partner James Mark Anderson, MD. “We often see couples that are feeling tired and have put on a few pounds over the years. Once we correct their nutrition and hormones, they feel like newlyweds again.”

With the series of testing, the physicians at Executive Medicine of Texas also look at micronutrient levels within the cells. This helps identify nutritional deficiencies more accurately. Elizabeth Cox, MD is a fan of micronutrient testing and explains, “Some people who have low energy simply need a few adjustments to their supplements. With the lack of nutrients in our food, its little wonder we identify and correct so many of these deficiencies on a daily basis.” The program covers any necessary supplements, so there is no additional cost if deficiencies are found.

The Power Couple Concierge is a full year program. In addition to the physical examination and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, couples may also opt for other age management options, like peptide therapy. Each couple may also opt for DNA testing for weight loss and aging. This helps the provider customize their recommendations even more. Under the program, which runs just over fifteen thousand per couple, the year of primary care visits with their Executive Medicine of Texas physician are included.

About: Executive Medicine of Texas is world renown for their executive physical exam programs, concierge medicine, and age management. Patients fly in from all over the globe to see the team of health experts. As a luxury medical practice, their focus is on high-level service, physician expertise, and state-of-the-art technology.


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