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RXVIP Concierge Selects PrescRXptive Communications, LLC as Its Marketing Partner


Westbury, NY, August 6, 2019 ( – RXVIP Concierge, a healthcare solutions company made up of pharmacists and students of pharmacy, based in Westbury, New York, has selected Centerport-based PrescRXptive Communications, LLC, as its marketing partner. Over the coming months, PrescRXptive will provide strategic marketing services and targeted business development initiatives to help RXVIP Concierge achieve its goals for consumer engagement and growth in the health care market.

RXVIP Concierge is driving a paradigm shift in the healthcare continuum by bringing together a network of Concierge Service Providers (CSPs) who are dedicated to providing enhanced patient-centric care. With a direct to consumer model plus collaborative business agreements with health care providers, they are able to deliver value-based services at the point of care in physicians’ offices as well as the communities in which they live and work.

Using a ‘virtual pharmacy’ hand-held technology platform developed in partnership with other leading entities in the health care industry, CSPs can work directly with patients to provide wellness assessments, screenings and an extensive assortment of genetic tests that will lower the risk of adverse drug reactions and diseases. With this solution that documents encounters plus provides billing capabilities, CSPs are able to dispense care, compassion and empathy instead of filling prescriptions to be compensated for the professional services they offer to patients.


“With its experience in healthcare marketing, fundraising and an impressive network of professional contacts developed over the years, PrescRXptive Communications offers our company industry-specific insights unmatched in the market today,” said Ken Sternfeld, RXVIP Concierge Founder and Business Development Advisor. “We have seen PrescRXptive deliver best practices that will help us advance our efforts to share our message with patients, physicians, pharmacists and students plus healthcare industry thought leaders.”

“With the vision that Ken and his team have, I have already seen measurable results in their desire to put a pharmacist at the hub of healthcare as a provider by offering cost-saving and life-saving solutions that allow pharmacists to practice at the height of their diploma and training,” said PrescRXptive’s founder, Theresa Jacobellis. “We are thrilled to be on board to help tell that story as he works with the next generation of health care providers to help more patients.”

About RXVIP Concierge 

RXVIP Concierge has a vision of enhancing the role of pharmacists in the health care continuum. As an advocate for provider status for our profession, RXVIP Concierge has created a paradigm shift in the way pharmacists can practice at the height of their license by working at the point of care, right in physician offices. The concept of Pharmacy Friday was developed to guide pharmacists, PharmDs and students of pharmacy on a pathway to become Concierge Service Providers (CSPs) who can then take a day off from retail to deliver a suite of clinical value-based services.  CSPs are then paid for the consultations that they deliver to patients as true health care providers. For more information visit, call 844-MYRXVIP (844-697-9847), or email Follow us on Instagram @theconciergepharmacist.

About PrescRXptive Communications, LLC

Founded in 2017, PrescRXptive Communications is a comprehensive marketing/communications firm that applies a broad range of digital and traditional strategies to the challenges faced by organizations and companies in the medical, non-profit and business community. Learn more at

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