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FAQ: Oversimplified … What is Concierge Medicine?


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August 2019

By Concierge Medicine Today

Oversimplified … Concierge Medicine is a subscription-based or membership medicine healthcare delivery business model where the Physician is purposeful and intentional about blending certain characteristics of service and medical expertise into the rhythm of his/her organization and medical practice environment. That may include:

  • Finding unique ways to collaborate and communicate with Patients more thoroughly and effectively;
  • Address specific healthcare needs and questions whenever they arise;
  • It is a place where the Physician partners with each Patient individually to create a preventive lifestyle planning solution that is flexible and obtainable;
  • It is a safe, comfortable, inviting, friendly and professional medical environment;
  • It is a setting whereby the Physician loans his/her time, talent, expertise and resources to needs of the Patient.

There’s obviously a lot more to it than that so watch more here to further unpack this modern, subscription-based healthcare delivery model in practice today.

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