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STAFF | How To Create A Happier Medical Staff Environment

By Michael Tetreault, Editor

Pleasant employees who greet people with a smile are always good for a medical practice.

You don’t need to Google or read business books very long to find that research shows that happy employees are more creative, engaged, follow direction and instruction, produce better results, and look for creative ways to go the extra mile for the person or company they work for.

There’s an old phrase and I don’t know who said it. It may have been Marcus Buckingham or John Maxwell, but I’m not sure. “You don’t quit your job, you quit your boss.”

We all know the Physician workplace satisfaction statistics are dreadful, but that’s not necessarily accurate whatsoever for those in Concierge Medicine, Direct Primary Care and other boutique and high-touch membership medicine clinics.

What’s more, happiness is contagious. Isn’t that great!

A happy medical office culture creates an atmosphere that can leads to better patient engagement with the staff and the Doctor.

Over the years, we’ve observed a lot of successful Doctors. The most successful Doctors are the ones who work diligently every day to create a workplace atmosphere where staff friendliness comes naturally. They quickly remove issues [and sometimes staff] that exhibit poor performance.

  • How happy are your medical staff and team members today?
  • Are you surrounded by a team of smiling faces or is there a bit of a black cloud hanging overhead?


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How To Create A Happier Team In Your Medical Practice

Recently, the Review of Optometric Business said … The Ritz-Carlton training program is legendary–for showing how to provide legendary service. Here is thebreak down of their training steps for an optometric practice.

Action Points:

  • HIRE WELL. Choose personnel who can deliver the service you strive for.
  • BE WELCOMING. Create a pleasant experience with friendly, proactive service.
  • RECOGNIZE THE CHALLENGE.Ease patients’ anxiety when visiting the doctor.
  • BE WELCOMING. Address patient by name as though he orshe were your guest.
  • ANTICIPATE NEEDS.Explain exam steps before patient asks.
  • SAY GOODBYE. Doctor and staff should say goodbye to patient by name and thank them.

Staffing will always be a challenge in today’s hectic healthcare marketplace. Emotions, anxiety, family life all seem to plague even the best Doctors offices. But don’t lose hope, stay focused on what made your practice and programs and reputation successful. Innovate but never lose sight that staff are people with problems of their own. They’ll remember how you want to be treated if you were in their shoes. Communicate often with them and never keep your performance standards a secret.

Do you have other helpful tips and ideas? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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