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2019 Concierge Medicine FORUM and a 2018 Recap (Watch)


Above: The 2019 Concierge Medicine FORUM returns to ATLANTA, GA USA, October 25-26, 2019. The two day national gathering of high-level Concierge Medicine Physiciains and healthcare leadership features presentations on: Legal/Regulatory; Different Business Models Used Today and Why; Genomics; Hospital-based Concierge Care Programs; A.I.; EHR; Pharmacogenomics Education and more. LEARN MORE & Register to Attend — https://conciergemedicineforum.com/

2018 Concierge Medicine Forum in Atlanta Showcases Neuroscience; Behavior Change; Telemedicine; Medical Marijuana Research; Alzheimer’s; Genomics and Precision Medicine Research — MORE VIDEOS, PHOTOS AND EXCLUSIVE AUDIO COMING SOON! http://www.ConciergeMedicineFORUM.com

Editor’s NOTE: Our team is busy editing video, summarizing audio and we will be releasing audio, video and exclusive interviews from the LIVE breakouts, general sessions and exhibition hall in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, stay abreast of the latest dates, times, topics and more by subscribing to our 2019 updates here …

PHOTO: Dr. Tom Folan addresses the audience about the role of medical cannabis from SolaceMD at the 2018 Concierge Medicine FORUM in Atlanta, GA.

“The CMT FORUM is a unique and dynamic place that is devoted to showcasing the industry’s most innovative and radical ideas in hospitality as it relates to healthcare,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor of Concierge Medicine Today. “Great Doctors blaze trails to places no one else will go and then they send back maps for others to follow. The trailblazing achievements in this space are setting the example for others to watch and learn from within their respective healthcare niche. Healthcare needs more visioneering Doctors to show what could be and should be in healthcare. Imagine what could be learned when we put front and center the industry’s very best and what they do. We aim to find out in 2019 and beyond!”

2018 Concierge Medicine Forum in Atlanta Showcases Neuroscience; Behavior Change; Telemedicine; Medical Marijuana Research; Alzheimer’s; Genomics and Precision Medicine Research

Our team is busy editing video, summarizing audio and we will be releasing audio, video and exclusive interviews from the LIVE breakouts, general sessions and exhibition hall in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, stay abreast of the latest dates, times, topics and more by subscribing to our 2019 updates here …

ATLANTA, GA | Nov. 8, 2018 On October 25-27, Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) hosted its annual national conference, bringing together the industry’s visioneers, Physician pioneers and innovative new topics that are transforming the business of health, precision medicine and hospitality in healthcare. In addition to serving as a “think tank” for the personalized medicine industry in uncovering emerging trends that could improve the lives of today’s physicians and their patients, the FORUM also addressed current trends that are having an impact on the quality of health care today.


Concierge Medicine Today wishes to thank all of the many sponsors, Physicians, executives, people and organizations who made this year’s international FORUM possible—and not least our gracious host: Atlanta, Georgia!

Learn more about our amazing sponsors here and subscribe to updates …

ATLANTA, GA – 2019 Concierge Medicine FORUM brings precision medicine and concierge medicine together.

During the two-day forum at the Forsyth Conference Center, a few miles north of Atlanta, GA, attendees explored and discussed where the industry is headed and how today’s innovations are shaping future healthcare solutions. Specific focus areas included: Start-Up Insight and Stories about the Community of Start-Ups In Concierge Medicine Doing Good; Pharmacogenomics; New Research In Genomic & Precision Medicine Testing & Use/Utility In Your Practice Today; Training on a business model that is disrupting the healthcare industry; Legal & Regulatory News; Tele-Health in the Concierge Practice; Marketing and Patient Retention Strategies; A Panel Discussion on the Application of Medical Marijuana & Latest Research, Challenges & Opportunities; Functional and Integrative Concierge Medicine Programs; Personal Genomics and Anti-aging/Age Management Medicine; How Concierge Doctors Use Actual Medical Outcomes Data to Refer Their Patients to Qualified Surgeons and Hospitals across the U.S.; the practical application of Evidence Based Medicine; Concierge Medicine growth and startup strategies; Concierge Medicine Physician Retirement and Succession Planning; Marketing and Patient Retention; Entrepreneurial Growth Concepts in Healthcare used by Physicians; Precision Medicine’s utility inside primary care and family medicine; Genetic Predisposition Testing; Direct Primary Care; Reversing Insurance Denials using data; the political and legal future of the industry and how Physicians can empower their local communities and patients to make more informed decisions.

PHOTO: Michael Tetreault, Editor, Concierge Medicine Today

“America’s Best Places To Work never include a doctors office,” says Michael Tetreault, Editor of the trade publication and conference host, Concierge Medicine Today. “Inside traditional medicine, patients expect to wait. They expect insurance to cover their visit. When it does not, they expect to fight. Consumers of healthcare today say they expect a disengaged staff and an unpleasant visit when at their doctor’s office. We can do better. Concierge Medicine Patients are invited rather than expected. It’s a healthcare environment where the Hippocratic Oath is married to the Golden Rule. We know from the massive swell of consumer interest in our world today that memberships drive engagement. Just look at the streaming television subscriptions and how engaged people are in what they watch. The same is happening in healthcare. When a Doctor tells us they will spend more time with us and research advanced treatment options on our behalf, there’s real value to that. This intuitive healthcare approach is designed to exceed people’s expectations every single day. This creates a massively loyal and engaged audience which, in turn, is producing some amazing patient outcome data as released and seen by some organizations in the space.”

Concierge Medicine Today (C) 2018-2019

Presented by the national, independent trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) the Concierge Medicine Forum is the number one environment in North America for concentrated education and idea sharing to improve the business and performance of entrepreneurial Physicians delivering high-touch, precision medicine in an inviting, patient-centered care environment. The conference brings together industry professionals and 30+ speakers to its stages to attend a variety of educational seminars led by the top minds in the concierge medicine and precision medicine space. As independent Doctors face unique opportunities and challenges in the healthcare marketplace, the CMT FORUM allows them to connect with their colleagues, share new ideas and learn about relevant topics ranging from better business and operations in a medical practice to sustainability and government affairs, while learning about the latest products and services they need to run their practice and improve patient care through precision medicine.


Alexa, What’s Going on with Healthcare?

“We see three classes of potential plays for a consortium of companies that band together, ranging from the least disruptive (and quickest to implement) to the most disruptive (with the longest time to implement). They are incremental innovation (testing the waters with gradual and piecemeal innovation); technology and analytics (enabling the improvement and redesign of the existing system); and radical disruption (creating new platforms, marketplaces, and ecosystems).”

The October 25-27, 2018 three-day event combined more than fifteen education-driven breakouts, including Functional Concierge Medicine, Pharmacogenomics Q/A, Membership Medicine 101 and Precision Medicine Workshops, and a Keynote address by Dr. Kyra Bobinet, CEO/Founder of engagedIN (LISTEN TO OUR FULL INTERVIEW HERE) entitled The Brain-Based Secrets Of Patient Engagement And Behavior Change.



Caption (Photos Above) Dr. Kyra Bobinet, CEO of engagedIN and Keynote at the 2018 Concierge Medicine FORUM in Atlanta, GA.

Keynote: The Brain-Based Secrets Of Patient Engagement And Behavior Change.

As a national speaker, bestselling author and CEO-founder of engagedIN, a neuroscience-based design firm, Dr. Kyra Bobinet (with her bio available online at www.conciergemedicineforum.com/speakers and www.engagedin.com/us/) devotes her life to cracking the code of WHY we engage in our health. engagedIN, her company,  applies neuroscience and design thinking to behavior change products and programs to help organizations improve health and well-being.

DOWNLOAD CMT AUDIO NOW | Full Interview Now Available | Neuroscience Design Firm engagedIN and WalMart Partner Launch Healthy Habit App, Fresh Tri

Dr. Kyra Bobinet, CEO of engagedIN

“One of the most significant disruptions in healthcare delivery will come increasingly more consumers expecting healthcare to offer the same convenience, access, and customer-centered experiences they receive from the restaurant, retail, or mobile technology industries,” said Dr. Bobinet, “Concierge practice in all of its forms will naturally increase in demand and, just like all innovations that start with early adopters, it will mature and expand to more patient segments in 2019 because of increased demand and increased interest. In this growing market, patient engagement and behavior change will be requisite skills for physician-entrepreneurs to offer value to their patients.”

While half of attendees attend the event for the purpose of gaining insight and education to stay at the top of their game, the other half attend for networking opportunities. Attendees from a variety of healthcare and precision medicine niches crossed over to our different breakouts simply to gain knowledge in areas which are emerging and may in fact have crossover for their practice or organization in the years ahead. The CMT Concierge Medicine FORUM General Sessions brought leaders in precision medicine, genomics, pharmacogenomics, cannabis research, psychography, neuroscience, medical technology, boutique medicine and more to the center stage.

To learn more about the ACPP and its work with Concierge Medicine Doctors across the U.S. and abroad, visit: http://www.acpp.md

A Perfectly Curated Evening Reception By The American College of Private Physicians (ACPP.md)

Conference-goers gathered at the appropriately named “Welby Room” at the Forsyth Conference Center at Lanier to enjoy sweet and savory food choices and the southern hospitality we’ve all come to expect from the south. Special thanks to the ACPP for hosting an unforgettable evening!





James J. Eischen, Jr., Esq., of Eischen Law Offices and Lofty Learning, a seasoned health care attorney within the industry will be speaking Saturday, October 26th, 2019 at 845AM EST in Atlanta, GA USA at the 2019 Concierge Medicine FORUM — Eischen Law Office | 311 Fourth Avenue | # 517 | San Diego, CA 92101 | Call: 619-326-9004 | Fax: 619-330-2220 | Email: jim@eischenlawoffice.com | http://www.eischenlawoffice.com

The State of the Industry and a Look Into the Future with our Panel of Futurists

James J. Eischen, Jr., Esq., of Lofty Learning is a seasoned health care attorney within the firm’s Health Care and Business Transactions practice groups offered a unique presentation of the legal landscape for the private and direct medicine landscape on Saturday. What’s more, he also moderated a futurists panel earlier on Friday that we will be summarizing and releasing in the weeks ahead as video and audio excerpts are created by our team.

Pre-Conference Workshops a Success! More to Come in 2019!

Preceding the conference, attendees also attended two brand new pre-conference seminars taught by industry experts and academic faculty instructors. Membership Medicine 101 and Precision Medicine In Practice ran concurrently on Thursday, October 25, 2018. It is highly likely that more of these pre-conference workshops will be added in the near future on a variety of other micro-targeted topics to allow deep dives into complex subject matter.




Medical Cannabis Research, Behavior Design Thinking, Using Psychographics to Attract Patients, Women in Concierge Medicine Breakout Session, Hospitality as the Backdrop of Healthcare and Precision Medicine Took Center Stage

(C) 2018 Concierge Medicine Today – “Futurists Panel: Welcome to Wonderland”

The biggest challenge for CMT FORUM attendees in 2018? Deciding among all of the educational breakouts on hand! This year’s Forum featured more than 30 speakers, 15 educational breakouts covering a variety of unique aspects of the private medicine business, not to mention sponsor discussions in our exhibit hall, and truly inspiring general sessions throughout the weekend.

Concierge Medicine Today wishes to thank all of the many sponsors, Physicians, executives, people and organizations who made this year’s international FORUM possible—and not least our gracious host: Atlanta, Georgia!

Bringing together leaders from such major healthcare, technology, Concierge Medicine and Precision Medicine brands including: Pritikin Longevity Center; Boston Heart Diagnostics Corporation; The DocPreneur Institute; Evidenza Precision Medicine; Human Longevity, Inc., and the HLI Health Nucleus; MDVIP; Doctors Evidence; Genome Medical; Castle Connolly Private Health Partners (CCPHP); Summit Behavioral Healthcare; Cairn Diagnostics; OPKO Health,  a multi-national pharmaceutical and diagnostic company; Phosphorus; Cypress Concierge Medicine; the American College of Private Physicians (ACPP); Specialdocs Consultants; HudsonAlpha Institute for Bitechnology; The Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine; Variantyx, Inc.; AFFIRMATIVhealth; and Alletess Medical Laboratory among other innovators in healthcare, presented emerging trends that are helping to reshape healthcare in the personalized medicine industry.

Physicians and C-Suite Stakeholders Representing A Variety of Organizations and Healthcare Practice Models Gather at a Pre-Conference, Industry Leadership Dinner.




CMT Leadership Dinner. Eve. of the FORUM.

On the eve of the FORUM in Atlanta [Thursday night], a leadership dinner was held to have an open dialogue with industry leaders in the space to discuss:

  • the current state of affairs;
  • the future of the industry; and
  • explore ideas on how as industry thought leaders they could collaborate to move the industry forward in the future.

More to come on some form of the exciting initiatives being pursued!

What’s Next?! The CMT Concierge Medicine FORUM will be back again in 2019!

“Our mission will be to further the relationships made during the 2018 conference and expand upon the other new topics,” said Tetreault. “In 2019, we’ll take the important conversations discussed here and then go further, faster — adding more research, new evidence and deep dive topics focused on better patient care through this innovative and trendsetting space in healthcare.”

“At Concierge Medicine Today, we are committed to identifying and exploring innovative solutions to enhance the healthcare experience for physicians and their patients,” Concierge Medicine Today’s publisher, Catherine Sykes, said. “Hospital systems, C-Suite level at insurance companies, clinical research and technology firms and others are interested in what is happening in the field of Concierge Medicine. They know Concierge doctors are early adopters of strategies and solutions. The Concierge Medicine Forum is about showcasing new ideas brought together in one place by some of the brightest minds, industry-leading precision medicine brands, health and technology futurists, and innovative Concierge Medicine physicians that will share with attendees what the future of healthcare looks like. How we can all play a role in helping people on their path to better health is what this forum is all about.”

For more information, visit: https://conciergemedicineforum.com/




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