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(Listen) EP 255 | Perfecting the Patient Experience — “Build it” for the Patient

Changing the Way Patients [ie. Consumers/Customers] Experience Healthcare … One Physician at a Time

By Michael Tetreault, Host | DocPreneur Podcast

publicsmiley-2979107_960_720Today our special guest is Shareef Mahdavi. Shareef is the CEO of SM2. Shareef’s career has been focused on helping doctors be better in their chosen profession.A frequent speaker and author, Shareef was recognized for his work to improve the patient experience as recipient of the 2011 Experience Management Award, given annually by Experience Economy authors Pine and Gilmore in recognition of leadership in customer experience.  Shareef has worked with numerous medical device companies and start-ups and has advised thousands of doctors over his career.

In today’s interview, we discuss How and Why Doctors Should See Each Patient As A Customer. We’ll talk about why this is a challenging concept to embrace in healthcare, provide examples of where this is working and examine specifically how Doctors can “Turn their Medical Office into a Memorable Customer/Patient Experience.”

The missing ingredient in many practices has been a focus on how to manage the overall experience patients have before, during and after their appointment.  This is not just good customer service, which is expected and does little to build patient loyalty.  This is about a medical encounter that becomes a memorable experience in the mind and heart of your patient.

Beginning as a management trainee at SmithKline Beckman, Shareef rose through sales and marketing roles at Allergan Humphrey (now Zeiss) and went on to lead the marketing launch at VISX, developer of the LASIK laser. He started SM2 Strategic in 2001 to help doctors and companies build demand for services and procedures where patients pay directly, broadly described as self-pay or elective healthcare. SInce then, has helped more than 50 companies and thousands of doctors.

The firm’s focus has expanded in recent years to include helping doctors make better financial decisions regarding daily operations as well as the future of their practices.

Shareef began working with Authors Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore [The Experience Economy — learn more here…] in 2006, was trained as a Certified Expert in their methodology, and has been using it with clients ever since. In 2011, Shareef was recognized by the authors with the Experience Management Award for his efforts to change the way refractive surgery practices think about customer experience.

You can connect with Shareef Mahdavi and his firm at www.sm2strategic.com.

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