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Tech | Apple WATCH | Private Medicare plan Devoted Health says it is the first to cover Apple Watch as a benefit ~CNBC

Christina Farr
  • Devoted Health says it is the first Medicare Advantage plan to offer Apple Watch as a benefit to its members.
  • Its marketing materials show that it will help members pay for the cost of the device up to $150.
  • Apple is in talks with a number of health insurers to cover the Apple Watch, but this represents an early move into the senior market.

Devoted Health, a start-up health insurer targeting seniors with its private Medicare plans, says it is the first to offer Apple Watch as a fitness benefit to its members.

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Devoted, which was founded by brothers and serial entrepreneurs Todd and Ed Park, is attempting to differentiate itself in an increasingly crowded market of Medicare Advantage plans through its focus on “world class technology,” according to its website. Devoted was valued at $1.8 billion when it raised $300 million about a year ago. The company will offer up to $150 off the cost of an Apple Watch for its members.