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Specialdocs Presents a Glimpse into the Future of Concierge Medicine at Industry’s Main Event

CEO Terry Bauer and ‘Special Doc’ Uday Jani, MD highlight advances, alternative approaches and the immutable strength of the physician-patient connection at the Concierge Medicine Forum Oct. 25-26

OCTOBER 24-26, 2019 – ATLANTA, GA USA – Click Here To Learn More …

CHICAGO, Oct. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Terry Bauer, CEO of Specialdocs Consultants will share a forward-looking perspective on Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) impact on concierge medicine at the industry’s signature forum this month in Atlanta. The annual Concierge Medicine Forum, a two-day think tank of presentations and workshops by industry leaders, focuses on current and emerging healthcare trends relevant to personalized medicine.

“We’re just beginning to uncover the enormous potential of AI to enhance the practice of medicine,” says Bauer. “For concierge physicians, at the cutting edge of care with both time and passion to access this exciting breakthrough, the promise is even greater. The technology is poised to develop remarkable new tools for enhancing the focus on wellness and prevention and greatly benefit patient care. Far from being a threat, AI may ultimately prove to be a source of continual innovation that enables physicians to interact more profoundly with their patients.”

Bauer will also speak at a pre-conference workshop offered to primary care physicians in traditional fee-for-service practices considering a change to concierge medicine. Drawing on Specialdocs’ 17-year history of successful transitions to its personalized care model, he’ll reveal the characteristics needed to become an extraordinary concierge physician in an era of unprecedented patient expectations.

At the Concierge Medicine Forum in Atlanta on October 25-26, Specialdocs Consultants CEO Terry Bauer will present a thoughtful look at the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) for concierge physicians, and ‘Special Doc’ Uday Jani, MD will offer a multi-faceted approach to pain management in a personalized medicine practice.

“The reach of concierge medicine was clear to me from the inception and has been borne out by its fulfillment of healthcare’s ‘quadruple aim’: improving the health of the population and the patient’s experience while reducing costs and enhancing physicians’ lives,” says Bauer. “It is in fact the only healthcare model to accomplish those goals by recognizing the pivotal role of the doctor-patient relationship.”

In addition, concierge integrative medicine physician and Specialdocs’ client Dr. Uday Jani, will lead a breakout session October 25th focused on his highly effective strategies for managing pain without the need for opioids. As he explains, while reaching for a pill is often the only option available at fee-for-service practices that typically allow less than 15 minutes per visit, the synergies galvanized by blending traditional and integrative medicine in a concierge model completely change the patient experience.

“There is great power in a multi-faceted approach to pain management that begins with a ‘healing encounter’ at the physician’s office, addressing all aspects of health, including sleep, nutrition, activity and spirituality,” explains Dr. Jani. “At its core is the essence of concierge medicine – a deeply meaningful physician-patient connection, built over time, with a strong commitment to being fully present and listening to the patient’s story.”

Dr. Jani’s integrative concierge medicine practice, Shore View Personalized Medical Care, based in Milton, Delaware, has grown every year since its 2014 launch.

Specialdocs Consultants, a pioneering concierge medicine transition and management company founded in 2002, has helped physicians nationwide transform their practices with the industry’s most customized and sustainable concierge model.


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