Which DNA testing kit should you buy? | PC World “Best of” List

“These kits tend to go on sale around holidays,” she says. “That is particularly true around Black Friday, when pretty much all of the kits are discounted.”Black Friday falls on November 29 this year. If you don’t want to wait that long, Charis says, you’re not out of luck. The key is checking in around the holidays or following a site like Clark Deals that will alert you when there is a price drop on one of the kits.“Just recently, around Mother’s Day, Ancestry dropped their price from $99.00 to $59.00. That’s a 40% discount! Typically, when one of the kits drops in price, one or more of the others will cut theirs, too, so you need to check around.”

Which DNA testing kit should you buy?

By Clark Howard Staff ||

Not all genetic testing kits are created equal — so which one you buy might depend on what, specifically, you are looking for out of the test. To that end, PCWorld has reviewed and rated the most popular kits and recently rounded up their “Best Of” list for different preferences.

Here’s what they found, along with our notes on regular and sale prices:



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