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Medical City Online Becomes Newest Member of the Patientory Association to Bring Telemedicine Technology and Healthcare Blockchain Technology Together

Doctors247 Online Empowered by Blockchain

ATLANTA (December 19, 2019) Patientory Association, an industry-leading pioneer and global nonprofit healthcare member organization for the adoption of emerging technologies in the healthcare industry, acceptsMedical City Online, as the newest member of the Patientory Association to  launch Doctors247 Online, telemedicine software empowered by blockchain technology. Patientory Association will facilitate the implementation of Medical City Online’s telemedicine technology and the PTOYNetwork HIPAA compliant blockchain storage network.

As Telemedicine practices become more common, stringent control is needed to give the patient confidence in the service. With Doctors247 Online, the goal is to impart control of data to the patient who can control, block, release, delete, and archive at will using the blockchain’s conventional methodology of “smart contract” during or before a live teleconsultation.

“Our partnership takes both of our areas of expertise and combines them into one product,” said Chrissa McFarlane, CEO, and founder of Patientory, Inc and President of the Patientory Association “What we are creating is the future of healthcare delivery with the necessary components to address privacy, security and interoperability.”

With Doctors247 Online, conventional blockchain technology will be connected seamlessly with the telemedicine software across the necessary interception points where data security falls into a sensitive domain. A hashtag is created with a date/time stamp for any layer of data transaction between doctor and patient as an immutable record, and it becomes part of the EMR (Electronic Medical Record).

The partnership allows for a patient’s medical records security to be enhanced, data management issues improved, regulation requirements of data encryption met, and together telemedicine software is wrapped with blockchain technology. Conventional Blockchain Technology will be connected seamlessly with the Telemedicine Software across the necessary Interception Points, where data security falls in sensitive domain.

Patientory is recognized as an award-winning innovator in healthcare information technology. Many veteran healthcare organizations use Patientory to discuss their technology solutions and consulting services. Patientory, Inc. the founding member of the Association  is the first-mover in distributed App (dApp) and blockchain-based software solutions for healthcare that address the complex challenges faced by today’s healthcare industry.

“With this partnership, we are furthering our mission to empower consumers to better manage their health information, thereby improving their quality of life and health outcomes, while delivering benefits to all healthcare stakeholders,” adds Chrissa.

About Patientory Association : 

The Patientory Association, a global nonprofit healthcare member organization facilitates the adoption of emerging technologies in the healthcare industry. Currently, the foundation connects healthcare industry adopters of the PTOYNet blockchain network which comprise the PTOYNet consortium. The PTOYNet blockchain network securely stores and manages health information in real time, and such storage and management is facilitated by a blockchain based token (called “PTOY”).

About Medical City Online:

Based in London, UK Medical City Online was founded by an experienced clinician and medical IT Expert with a view to provide an a-z solution for patient-doctor Teleconsultation and Online Medical Training. It’s dedicated team meets the needs of medical professionals looking for healthcare and online medical education related solutions. The leadership strength lies in its innovative approach to designing software solutions for the medical industry while succeeding to keep the user interface simple, minimizing the learning curve of healthcare professionals who are already vulnerable to burn out due to work overload.

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