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(CMT Podcast) Meet HEAL, Nick Desai (CEO, Heal) Sutter Health | Aetna is teaming up with Heal, the leader in doctor house calls

Nick Desai (CEO & Co-Founder, Heal)

By Michael Tetreault, Host, Editor-in-Chief

Today we sit down with Nick Desai, CEO and co-founder of Heal. Effective January 1, 2020, Sutter Health | Aetna is teaming up with Heal, the leader in doctor house calls, to bring “doctors to your door” seven days a week.

“Sutter Health | Aetna and Heal see eye to eye and are working together to transform the healthcare system and make care more convenient and affordable.”


Read the Full Press Release Here:

SAN FRANCISCO – Dec. 17, 2019 – House calls from a doctor are making a comeback, thanks in part to a tech-savvy culture and consumer demands for better healthcare access and convenience. In response, Sutter Health | Aetna is teaming up with Heal, to bring “doctors to your door” seven days a week. This service includes scheduling doctors’ visits to a member’s home or office, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., through the Heal app, website, or a phone call.

“We are taking steps to modernize the delivery of healthcare by making it easier to access and more affordable,” said Steve Wigginton, Sutter Health | Aetna CEO. “Heal’s ‘doctors to your door’ service will increase convenience for members by enabling them to receive primary, preventive, pediatric, and urgent care services from the convenience of their home or office. We want to deliver a differentiated member experience that leads to lower healthcare costs and better outcomes.”

With the innovative joint venture between Sutter Health and Aetna, Heal services are integrated with the member’s care. Heal physicians can write prescriptions, order labs and suggest in-network referrals for specialists and other healthcare services, like behavioral health or disease management. Collaboration between Heal doctors and the Sutter Health | Aetna provider network helps coordinate care and improve provider communications, safety and quality.

Sutter Health | Aetna members can schedule appointments every day, including weekends and holidays. Through Heal, board-certified doctors can arrive in as little as two hours in most locations. Employers offering their employees a Sutter Health | Aetna plan can also schedule on-site “Heal Days” to help keep their employees healthy and happy.

P.S. We think the “How it Works” section of Heal’s website will be of particular interest to you and your audience of doctors and patients!


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