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Democratic debate infighting highlights lack of transparency in presidential medical records

Dr. Connie Mariano, former White House Physician and Michael Tetreault addressing the crowd of Physicians at the INTERNATIONAL CONCIERGE MEDICINE FORUM in Atlanta, Georgia USA … LEARN MORE ABOUT THE SEPTEMBER 24-26, 2020 Event In Atlanta GA HERE …

Presidents don’t necessarily share information every year. Former President George H.W. Bush had at least four routine medical exams in office, while President Bill Clinton shared the results of six exams over two terms. President George W. Bush had at least five exams, and Obama had at least four. Reporters have sometimes pushed for more information, particularly in circumstances where presidents appear to be more secretive. During Clinton’s 10-minute health press conference in 2001, reporters asked his physician, Dr. Connie Mariano, whether Clinton would make complete medical information available. She replied, “No other president has released their entire records.”



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