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News Release: CMT Launches The “THANK A DOCTOR” Challenge #FORDOCTORS

WE LOVE DOCTORS around HERE! 🙂 And, here’s a Concierge Doctor who sent me his favorite book just recently — just out of the blue to say ‘Thanks!’ Wow! Now that’s neat. We love helping Doctors and getting letters from you and those who work in healthcare who come to our annual conferences, learn and regularly read and apply some of the ideas we share. Thank you! It means the world to us that you continue to support us! 🙂 ~Editor

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief, Concierge Medicine Today and Host, The DocPreneur Podcast

MARCH 17, 2020 – Concierge Medicine Today, the national trade publication for the Concierge Medicine industry announced today its “Thank A Doctor” Challenge. Over the next few months our hope is that as Physicians and Patients visit and discuss their worries, concerns, questions both big and small, that we will all begin to encourage each other more and receive complaints a little less.

Thus, the “THANK A DOCTOR” commences by encouraging both Patients and Physicians to be extravagantly grateful.

This may simply take the form of a simple Thank You card or handwritten note which you write to a Patient, or a colleague who helped you with a consult.

Patient Appreciation Days: Nine Ways To Cement the Physician-Patient Relationship for Less Than a $1

It can be something simple. There’s not a template here so long as it uplifts and encourages Physicians.

Doctors of all specialties and positions are the unsung heroes in our neighborhoods.

We don’t appreciate our Doctors enough.

I’m guilty of it as well. Thus, I’ve had a goal of writing 5 thank you notes to Doctors every week since January 5 of 2020.

So why don’t we ALL do something about it?

Truest Cathy once said “If a person is breathing, they need encouragement.” 

I love that statement and you’ve probably heard us say it before in other stories or interviews with Doctors.

It resonates with Patients as well and we’ve found it also strikes a note with some of the Concierge Doctors we’ve talked to recently.

For the Patients and Doctors reading this today, I want to challenge us all.

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Let’s Address Physician Burnout With A Simple Note. Why Not? Have You Tried It? Let’s Do It Together.

There are a lot of solutions that’ve been thrown out there to aid in this crisis [COVID-19; Flu; Physician Burnout; Physician Suicide; etc.].

Here’s simply one idea that is so simple it can often be overlooked. The power of two little words rarely seen in writing that a Doctor rarely should receive every day are ‘Thank You!’

So today we’re throwing out a challenge to our readers [both Doctors and Patients].

We call it the “THANK A DOCTOR” Challenge (using the hashtag #thankadoctor).

Our Why?

Truett Cathy, the Founder of Chick-Fil-A once said “If a person is breathing, they need encouragement.” I love that. And, it’s perfectly applicable to Doctors today. Here is what some great Doctors just this month on Instagram had to say about the idea …

You’ve heard us say it before but it’s worth repeating … “We want to change the world one Doctor at time!”

Not only is this an achievable goal for us, but we all want to make a positive difference in the world of medicine.

When Frank Blake announced his retirement three years ago as the CEO of Home Depot, employees flooded him with handwritten notes of appreciation. … During his seven-year stint as CEO, Blake set aside several hours every Sunday to hand-write notes thanking standout employees for their service.[1]

Today, chances are pretty good that if you’re reading this, you’ve not written a handwritten note to a peer [if you’re a Doctor] or to your specialist or PCP [if you’re a Patient] in quite a while, if ever.

The Doctors around us who could use a little encouragement, a kind word or a thoughtful note. Especially since they’re working so hard on COVID-19 issues in their communities.

For Doctors to Doctors, Someone In Your Profession Needs To Hear FROM YOU, Right Now.

Doctors are often disconnected from the good vibes and with so much news, negativity, reimbursement chatter, time delays, real news, fake news, scheduling and staff issues, administrative burdens and mounting paperwork, regulation, frustration with insurance and billing, choose this way or not at all ideas and all the like — we can all forget to thank that critical man or woman who saved our life once upon a time or gave us a leg up when we didn’t deserve or know it. Maybe for you, you had a Doctor [or a peer] who was willing to meet you where you were to give you the assist, the aid or the confidence you needed to keep moving forward in your career.

Potentially decades have passed now … or maybe you’re holding onto the grip of your career tighter than ever and wondering “How did I end up in this mess?” …  maybe you need a note of encouragement?

Why not pay it backward and take a moment to spread a little encouragement and kindness to someone who is feeling the same way or has helped you in the past?

Don’t Do Nothing.

Of course, you may not feel like your suffering from emotional or mental health issues as a Doctor. Maybe things are all great in your world. The truth is it might be time to start breathing new life into an old topic and pay it backward or forward just a little, or a lot.

Around here we understand that Physician Burnout real in the U.S. and happening abroad.

Every day we get private messages, texts and phone calls from Doctors all over the country (e.g. United States mainly, but on occasion, a few other countries too!) telling us that they are just plain burnt.

That’s a terrible place to be. They’ve often lit the candle at both ends and not only are they frustrated but they’re relieved that maybe, just maybe, they’ve found a potential business model or a lifeline [in Concierge Medicine; VPN; DPC; etc.] that could have a significant impact on the rest of their career and future in medicine.

Concierge Medicine Today is FOR DOCTORS #FORDOCTORS.

In a profession that’s tough, albeit impossible, let’s provide a little encouragement to those Doctors around us. We often forget to thank our Doctors.

Let’s not let another day pass without dropping a note in the mail to a colleague [or Patient].

Steve Green in 2014 said something really great. He said …

“Encouragement is never small when you’re on the receiving end.”

SEPTEMBER 24-26, 2020 | ATLANTA, GA USA — Learn More/Register Here …

We hope this challenge strikes a note with you today.

We simply want to give this topic of Physician Burnout some new and improved legs. We want to give Physicians a brighter voice. We want to see if simply writing a “Thank You!” note or a thoughtful note of encouragement to a colleague [or a Doctor] for something they’ve done in your life will impact their emotions and mental state of mind in a positive way.

Over the next few months our hope is that as Physicians and Patients — are going to encourage each other more and complain a little less. Thus, the Concierge Medicine Today “THANK A DOCTOR” Challenge begins now by encouraging both Patients and Physicians to be extravagantly grateful.

What are you waiting for? Grab an envelope, a card or a piece of stationary and a pen and get started. This is our “THANK A DOCTOR” Challenge to raise awareness for Physician Burnout and the mental health of our Doctors today by trying something unique.

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