Seven Sources Confirm … What Does the EVIDENCE and Medical Community Say About: “Ibuprofen and COVID-19”

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“What Does The Medical Evidence and Literature Tell Us About Ibuprofen Side Effects and/or Safety for COVID-19 Confirmed Patients?”

Link(s) to Relevant Study(s)

  1. Published: 2020-03-20; Source: Healthy Canadians – Recalls and Advisories
  2. Published: 2020-03-19; Source: Chemical & Engineering News
  3. Published: 2020-03-19; Source: Reuters: Health News; 
  4. Published: 2020-03-19; Source: FDA – Drugs
  5. Published: 2020-03-18; Source: Regulatory Affairs Professional Society – Regulatory Focus Articles
  6. Published: 2020-03-18; Source: HBW Insight
  7. Published: 2020-03-17; Source: Pharmaceutical Journal – News & Analysis

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Evidenza | Call to Action FOR DOCTORS

“Physicians and Hospitals need to collect, share and publish data on COVID-19 Patients who use/have used Ibuprofen and including underlying risk data.”

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