October 29, 2020

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Steven Ferguson was appointed to the position of Chief Operating Officer at Hello Health in April 2016.

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief

Hello Health helps practices be more efficient and increase patient engagement through a comprehensive and affordable EHR, Practice Management system and Patient Portal.

After successfully launching the Wellbox chronic care management service in 2015 – a strategic move by Hello Health to position the company at the forefront of this emerging trend in telemedicine and practice extension – Steven Ferguson was appointed to the position of Chief Operating Officer at Hello Health in April 2016.

Previously, Steven headed up the company’s Sales and Marketing departments. In to 2011, he held the position of Patient Management Officer where he spent his time blogging, managing inbound marketing and managing events. From 2008 to 2011, Steven served as the Vice President of Product Development at Myca Health Inc., the parent company of Hello Health. From 2004 to 2008, Steven was Senior Product Manager of Cardinal Health Clinical Services and Technologies. At Cardinal, he was responsible for managing point-of-care medication administration and clinical documentation applications.

Kara Sehl at Hello Health

With Hello Health since 2014, Kara Sehl has worked in virtually all aspects of the business. Kara has held roles in Support, Implementation, Training, Sales and most recently in Account Management. In 2015, Kara helped launch the call center at Wellbox.care, the sister company of Hello Health. After the launch of Wellbox’s chronic care management service, Kara took on the role of Account Manager at Wellbox. In 2018, she was appointed to the position of Account Manager at Hello Health.

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