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SPEAKER APPLICATION | 2020 CMT FORUM | “You’re Not Alone.”

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By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief

Believe it or not, there are A LOT of Physicians just like you … and right now you’re all facing a crisis with courage and resilience.

Thank you.

We, like you, believe that we will recover from this pandemic stronger, healthier and better prepared for the future … in so many ways.

Let’s regroup this Fall 2020, presuming COVID-19 and all State and Federal Guidelines are lifted, the 2020 Concierge Medicine FORUM will take place September 24-26, 2020. Let’s do this together.

And remember, you’re not alone.

The deadline for speaker submissions has been extended to April 15, 2020 and registration is currently open here at a discounted rate FOR DOCTORS, Spouses’, Nurses, PAs and Office Staff.

Quote of the Day

Jon Acuff, a best selling writer and speaker recently wrote “The exit is easier. It’s faster and more comfortable and a lot safer. Your feelings won’t get hurt as often if you take the exit. People won’t laugh at you if you take the exit. If anything they’ll welcome you with open arms. Heading for the exit would be the easier thing to do, but I don’t think you should.”

If you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to call us directly to discuss at 770-455-1650 ext 151 or email us at

The 2020 Concierge Medicine FORUM is coming to Atlanta, GA USA Sept 24-26, 2020 .. LEARN MORE …

Topics May Include (not limited to): Marketing/Promoting Your Practice; Immunotherapy Advancements; Alzheimer’s; Diabetes Management; Heart Attack and Stroke Research; CBD; Peptides; Social Media FOR DOCTORS; Hybrid Concierge Care Models; Implementing Genomics into Medicine; Reporting Tools in Precision Medicine; Evaluating Clinical Decision Support Tools for Genomic Care In Your Practice; Social Prescribing Medical Research Presentations; Behavior-focused Studies & Evidence Based Practice Design; Medical Marijuana Safety & Effectiveness; Practically Applying and Using Genomic Medicine in the Clinic; A.I. Integration Into Healthcare; Navigating Payor/Insurance Issues; Managing the Trust and Expectations of High-Need Patients; H.R. (Hiring; Retaining Staff; Letting Go of Medical Office Staff); Medical Marijuana Safety and Data/Research; Better Tax Preparation/Organization For My Practice Come Tax Season; Pharmacogenomics Testing; Determine if pharmacogenomic data improves care; How to Better Handle Employee Conflict; Performance Standards in Concierge Care; Research, Vitamins/Supplements; Effectiveness & Safety; Delivery Design & Strategies; Osteopathic Concierge Care; Hospital-based Concierge Medicine Models; Managing anxious, demanding, or dependant patients; Entrepreneurship & the Business of Concierge Medicine; High Performance Diabetes Care; How to Navigate Patient Needs On the Phone Better; Functional Concierge Medicine; Develop ways to use evidence-based medicine data in routine care; Importance of Data Sharing and Data Privacy; High Cholesterol Treatment; Depression Research; Better Health Outcomes; Digital Tech & Telehealth engagement; etc.