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Quantgene Officially has Launched its First Preventative Care System to Reduce Cancer Risks Using Advanced Medical Technologies.

Library preparation using PCR (or polymerase chain reactions) to amplify target
segments of DNA. Primers are attached to these targets, and go through more than 10 doubling cycles. Source: Quantgene.com

Innovations in deep sequencing, artificial intelligence and big data are now available direct-to-consumers through an integrated expert-driven system.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 11th, 2020 — Quantgene, a precision medical company and leader in deep genomics, launched its proprietary cancer and health protection system for patient use this past weekend. This will be a direct-to-consumer product, allowing patients to sign up through the website and be connected with top medical professionals in the field of genomic medicine.

In recent years, hereditary genetic testing has been garnering significant recognition as one of the earliest protection options for patients, and, in many cases, is considered the first line of defense against a number of chronic, degenerative diseases. In looking at cancer in particular, identification in its earliest stages increases 5-year survivability by approximately 61% across 10 cancer types. The genetic testing offered through Quantgene will analyze a patient’s individualized risks for developing some of the deadliest forms of cancer throughout their lifetime, and patients will also be given the option of extending their testing to look for underlying genetic markers indicating the progression of a number of common diseases.



“Our mission is to protect the lives of our members through advanced medical technology,” said Jo Bhakdi, founder and CEO of Quantgene. “We build and source these technologies ourselves and focus on one question: what new technologies are available that work and can add significant protection to our members?”



Quantgene launched its products for clinical use through its overarching program, SERENITY. SERENITY is being offered through a tiered structure, providing patients with a variety of plans to attain the level of insight that they are seeking. Patients are being given the option of choosing BASELINE, the entry-level tier, or, they can obtain more in-depth information regarding their health status through the GENETICS program. In a few more months, the PROTECT program will be launched, which is a deep-genomics cancer mutation detection

Jo Bhakdi in the Santa Monica office. Source; Quantgene.com

Through BASELINE, patients will be connected with a genetic counselor to go over medical history, personal cancer risks, and lifestyle factors in order to craft an actionable and personalized cancer action plan. This is all being provided via video conferencing with patient accessibility and convenience top-of-mind. After the initial consultation, BASELINE members will also have access to a personal health expert, online educational seminars and materials, and will have the added benefit of gaining entry into a community of progressive and health-minded individuals. For those who have already obtained genetic or genomic testing from an outside organization, BASELINE’s genetic counselors can interpret those results, alleviating confusion and providing patients with the necessary information to take the best possible next steps.

While BASELINE is primarily focused on cancer risk assessment, the GENETICS offering gives patients the option of gaining a more comprehensive analysis of their health. This will be completed by providing clinical-grade genetic testing in conjunction with Serenity AI datasets.

These can be quickly integrated for a deeper view into each patient’s risks including hereditary, pharmacogenetic, fertility, and general wellness.The GENETICS testing process will begin with a simple saliva sample from the comfort of the patient’s home or work space. The patient can then mail their saliva specimen to the labs for testing. Lab technicians will locate and separate intergenic regions of interest and sequence the patient sample with single-molecular precision.

Flow cell used for deep sequencing produces 6 billion data points per patient sample.
Each unique target amplicon will be sequenced about 20M times. Source: Quantgene.com

The patient’s medical records and sequenced data will be processed through Quantgene’s proprietary AI software, which can identify and label various mutations as likely pathogenic or disease-causing. This will provide GENETIC’s medical professionals with a clear picture of that particular patient’s susceptibility to a number of genetic conditions, and give them the necessary information to guide in optimal treatment. Additionally, patients will be given year-round access to all SERENITY member benefits, including convenient genetic counseling services and video conferencing. Serenity AI software’s continuing data intelligence can also result in longitudinal health updates and insights, which will then be shared with the patient.

In the near future, Quantgene will also be launching Serenity PROTECT, its proprietary cell-free DNA identification technology in order to trace somatic cell mutations. This is an area of genomics that is just beginning to emerge as a beacon of hope for acquiring the deepest insight into the current state of the patient’s disease process. In essence, this means that the expert team at Quantgene will have the capability of pinpointing mutations currently happening within the body as opposed to the patient’s predisposition to developing a certain ailment. In a similar vein to the hereditary testing, this novel sequencing process will be utilized within the preventative space, tracking down the conception of disease, and ideally halting or even reversing its maturation.

Taking into consideration that there is an urgent need to release this technology for immediate patient use, Quantgene has first launched into a self-payer market. The launch for BASELINE and GENETICS is nationwide, and the plan is to then expand worldwide in the coming months.

Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is loaded into the Qiasymphony machine for extraction. Source; Quantgene.com

Jo commented, “This means that self-payers get access first; but it also means that everyone can get access sooner than through a conventional development process because we can generate the evidence and economic optimization much faster and with less external capital.”

Quantgene is building the future of medicine by engineering the most advanced scientific and technological innovations that unlock the Deep Human Genome. Quantgene combines world-leading deep genome sequencing technology with its advanced AI infrastructure to detect mutational patterns of disease at early stages in the blood.

With $13MM raised so far, Quantgene is well on its way to disrupting the healthcare paradigm and establishing LA as a hub for tech and medical innovation. By offering up this proprietary technology for clinical use, Quantgene is working to extend its member’s healthy lifespan by 10 years within the next 10 years.

For more information, please visit: https://www.quantgene.com/ .

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