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(Trending) RXVIP Concierge Announces Partnership With Healthwhiz Solutions, Enhancing the Educational Pathway for PharmD Students

WESTBURY, N.Y., May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — RXVIP Concierge announces its partnership with Healthwhiz Solutions to provide critical support to individuals and families during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, the two organizations will ensure that pharmacists and future PharmD candidates across the United States receive training in advanced care planning. This high-level training will equip pharmacists to help ease healthcare provider shortages caused by the pandemic.

The partnership with RXVIP Concierge enables Healthwhiz Solutions to play an integral part in training pharmacists and future PharmD candidates across the country about advanced care planning so they can help customers document their healthcare wishes and communicate their desires with loved ones and providers.

“COVID-19 has ushered in a new era where everyone, young and old, must take the necessary precautions to protect themselves by putting in writing what medical treatments they want or don’t want. We use a program that provides a simple way for individuals to create, store, and access their documents when needed. With Ken’s unique strengths and achievements, we hope to make this service more widely accessible to the general public,” said Ruthlyn Noel-Joseph, President and Chief Client Advisor of Healthwhiz Solutions.

The Pharmacist care team provided for the practice, including the physician plus their entire staff, receive free training through the PharmD Concierge program. RXVIP Concierge increases reimbursements while enhancing quality metrics for practitioners through zero out-of-pocket expense collaboration by providing a trained PharmD to serve as the medication expert who then delivers consultations to patients via telehealth or right in the office.

“Healthcare is about connecting providers to patients and during the COVID-19 nationwide crisis that has become the biggest challenge we all face today,” stated Ken Sternfeld, founder and Chief Pharmacist Officer of RXVIP Concierge. “The approach that Ruthlyn has always taken as a patient advocate with a ‘concierge attitude’ has always resonated with me personally and professionally so I am excited and honored to take this journey with her,” Sternfeld continued. “With the support we can provide to Healthwhiz by leveraging my relationships with dozens of PharmDs graduating now into our profession, together, Ruthlyn and I can bring their passion for patient care to help us educate more people on the importance of Advanced Care Planning that has never been more important than it is today as we deal with the aftershock of this pandemic,” Sternfeld concluded.

Earlier this month, RXVIP Concierge announced that PharmD 2020 students graduating from colleges of pharmacy and universities will be matched to the company’s first remote telemedicine patient monitoring residency program immediately.

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“I was selected for a special International Rotation to Germany and due to COVID-19 was left with nowhere to go. The more I learn about the goals and values of RXVIP by taking courses like Advanced Care Planning, the more I believe that I was placed here for a reason,” stated Brittany Olbert, Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate, Class of 2021. “With the pandemic impacting patients nationwide, we need to create a culture of pharmacists that take a concierge approach in patient care management,” Olbert continued. “I look forward to listening and learning about Healthwhiz so I can help RXVIP educate patients and other PharmD candidates on ways to be a better patient advocate as a health care professional,” concluded Olbert.

The training solution is perfect for PharmD graduates interested in carving out a career in ambulatory care, hospitals and community pharmacy settings. An unlimited number of students can take the course, which will be held online and geared towards inter-professional engagement and collaboration.

“The educational pathway to provider status that we have created always teaches our PharmD candidates that dispensing care, compassion, and empathy for patients is needed for every patient,” stated Crystal Cruz, PharmD, and ExVP/COO of RXVIP Concierge. “Ruthlyn epitomizes those same qualities as a patient advocate so we are thrilled that she is joining us as our first adjunct professor who is not a Pharmacist,” Cruz continued. “We teach our students that you don’t need letters after your name to care, and Ruthlyn will enhance that messaging for RXVIP,” Cruz concluded.

Healthwhiz Solutions will play an integral role in the program by training students based on the organization’s expertise in navigating red tape. The company offers guidance to individuals with chronic health conditions who are faced with a maze of red tape during their healthcare journey.

About RXVIP Concierge

RXVIP Concierge is a network of Pharmacists, PharmDs and Students of Pharmacy who are committed to enhancing their roles as healthcare providers. By working collaboratively with other healthcare providers, RXVIP is able to deliver a suite of value-based services at the point of care. These services increase reimbursements and enhance quality measures with the innovative PharmD Concierge program that is setting a new standard of patient engagement.

The program includes training for PharmDs, PharmD interns, physicians, and their staff at no cost to those team members. RXVIP Concierge seamlessly integrates these offerings with zero out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare practitioners looking to add a trained PharmD to serve as their medication expert via telehealth or in the office. Visit to learn more.

About Healthwhiz

Healthwhiz Solutions guide persons with chronic conditions and their families through the difficult task of navigating health care red tape. By working with us, clients get to spend more quality time with loved ones and focus on things that matter most. To learn more about how a Healthwhiz advisor can assist you or a family member, visit the company’s website at

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