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Romanians are reorienting to Concierge Medical subscriptions, and the concept of second opinion doctors is becoming more popular

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By Mihai Cristea 23/07/2020 | 13:44

The COVID crisis has changed the priorities and the way of approaching the medical issue for Romanians. Since the onset of the medical crisis and until today, the number of Romanians who preferred to be consulted by a doctor from abroad has doubled, there are more and more requests for online consultations to the detriment of classic consultations, and the appetite for medical subscriptions increased by 44 percent.

From the onset of the COVID crisis until today, ConciergeMedical by Intermedicas statistics show that Romanians have chosen to avoid unnecessary roads, confidently resort to consultations through the telemedicine system and understand that health must be put first, so Concierge medical services Doctors are becoming increasingly popular at the expense of classic subscriptions.

Concierge Medical subscriptions are a concept focused on the needs of the patient and with a significant impact in reducing the number of visits that are not necessary. This means that for 70% of the patients subscribed to Concierge Medical Corporate, the number of visits to solve the medical case decreased significantly, and the visits to the emergency room decreased by up to 65%.

“We managed to adapt to the current conditions in a relatively short time, offering our patients quick and efficient solutions, but also continuous access to foreign doctors, either through telemedicine or clinic consultations, and this generated income over those expected. Specifically, the number of consultations with foreign doctors doubled during this period, compared to the average recorded last year. Turnover increased by up to 45% this month compared to the average of the last three months, while corporate subscriptions recorded a significant increase of 44% in June this year versus June 2019. There are 3 major factors that led to the patients reorientation towards the Concierge Medical subscription: the daily availability of doctors in the clinic, the patients’ desire to avoid unnecessary roads and to quickly find a good diagnostician, respectively the guarantee given by an exclusive clinic, where the flow of patients and doctors is more reduced compared to large networks, and the sorting procedures and safety measures are very well developed “, said Ana Maria Marian, Managing Partner Intermedicas.

Intermedicas is the first clinic in Romania specialised in Second Opinion medical services, with direct access to international reknowned doctors from Europe, USA and Japan. Intermedicas implemented a montly schedule of Visiting Professor during which patients can meet, each month, in Bucharest, doctors with international expertise.

Intermedicas is the first medical clinic in Bucharest, which 9 years ago introduced the second opinion concept on the market, with access to over 300 international doctors from prestigious centers and university hospitals in Europe and beyond. In 2017, Intermedicas developed a new service, Concierge Medical, responding to the patient’s most acute need to be guided and provided with integrated medical information.



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