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EP. 216 | UBERDOC A walk in model for specialty care

By Michael Tetreault and Dr. Paula Muto of UberDoc

When patients are free to choose their doctor, it puts the control back where it belongs, and no patient should ever have to be denied access to the care they need because of insurance restrictions or cost. UBERDOC is built by those on the front lines of medicine to give patients a simpler solution.

Introducing UBERDOC!

A web-based application that allows patients direct access to a board certified specialist without the inconvenience of insurance or referrals. A patient simply makes an appointment based on location and availability and pays with their HSA or credit card. Seamless and simple! To learn more, visit

  • + Choose a specialist
  • + Select a time and location convenient for you
  • + Pay $300 (only $50 for Medicare) with a credit card, Health Savings Account or FSA.
  • + Subsequent care can be handled through your insurance

Dr. Paula Muto, CEO/Founder of UberDoc, Surgeon and Healthcare Visioneer

UBERDOC Founder and CEO Paula M. Muto, MD FACS, is a practicing vascular and general surgeon in solo practice and the owner of the Vein Center at Mutosurgical. She is a member of a family of physicians and surgeons who have collectively practiced medicine in Massachusetts for over 50 years. She is an outspoken advocate for patient care and is passionate about women’s health issues.

From The Founder – The UBERDOC Story

I am a surgeon, like my father before me, my brother, my two uncles; I am even married to one. You could say it’s the family business. That’s why I take it personally when patients can’t get the care they need because it’s too difficult to navigate the system. I also take it personally when I see my colleagues struggle to remain in practice without compromising their independence. Rather than complain, I decided to fix it. With the help of a team of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, and experts in insurance and information technology, we developed a simple web app that connects patients to specialists for a transparent price using a health savings account or credit card. So we do the unthinkable – increase the access and while decreasing the cost.

—Paula Muto, MD, FACS

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