KLEMES, MD, MDVIP: COVID is a Health Wake-Up Call for Many Americans

Dr. Andrea Klemes, Chief Medical Officer MDVIP
By Dr. Andrea Klemes , MDVIP | August 12, 2020

I wish the news about COVID-19 were better. I’d like to say, congratulations — you’ve made it through the worst of the pandemic! Unfortunately, this virus seems to be hanging around and we’re still in early stages.

Infographic: Nationwide survey from MDVIP shows how American adults across the generations are coping with stress, fears and other concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

EP. 121 | DocPreneur Podcast | Eyes On The Road: An Interview with Market Leader, MDVIP

Many feel the weight of this crisis emotionally and physically — I certainly do. According to an MDVIP/Ipsos survey conducted on July 9, half of Americans are more stressed, anxious or depressed than before the pandemic, and one in three say they’ve developed unhealthy habits during this time.

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