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New! Specialty Concierge Medicine Stats, 2019 | INFOGRAPHIC

By Concierge Medicine Today, (C) APRIL/May 2019

“There are encouraging signs that Concierge Medicine is expanding into multiple specialties of medicine and beyond just primary care and family medicine. While there’s always new data that needs further refinement this is certainly an area we all still need more clarity and specificity related to number of Physicians and locales. However, each month, each year for that matter … we continue to see small and steady growth and increased interest from Physicians seeking resources and advice about moving into and/or starting a Specialty Concierge Medicine program in their practice [e.g. community],” said Michael Tetreault, Editor of Concierge Medicine Today. “It’s certainly an area we all continue to watch as year after year the needle moves in areas such as: Neurology; Podiatry; Endocrinology; and Psychology. Of notable interest to us and others is: Pediatric; Osteopathy; and Oncology specialty concierge care programs. These are all certainly areas to keep an eye on in the space of Concierge Medicine.”


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