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By Michael Tetreault, Editor in Chief and Michael Cromwell, Director of Strategic Development at MDVIP

Our guest is Michael Cromwell, Director of Strategic Development at MDVIP, Office of the CEO. MDVIP leads the market in membership-based healthcare that goes far beyond concierge medicine services. With a national network of more than 950 primary care physicians serving over a quarter million patients, MDVIP is at the forefront of consumer-directed care. MDVIP-affiliated physicians limit the size of their practices in order to invest the time needed to provide patients with highly individualized service and attention, including a comprehensive annual preventive care program and customized wellness plan. Published research shows that the MDVIP model saves millions of dollars in cost to the healthcare system through reduced hospitalizations and readmissions.

For more information, visit http://www.mdvip.com.



In this DocPreneur Podcast we discuss with Michael the following questions:

+ What is the latest news at MDVIP?
+ How is MDVIP helping to advance the discussion on consumer-directed healthcare across the U.S.?
+ Retirement & Succession Project, Success Stories, Challenges, Opportunities, Pricing, Staff and more.
+ How many physician succession/retirement transitions has MDVIP done?
+ The role of Staff in a Medical Practice.
+ Arrival at the valuations of subscription-based medical offices and programs.
+ What proactive steps can Doctors take before they retire to increase the value of their practice?
+ Challenges facing Physicians in the next 3 years.
+ Challenges facing Patients in the next 3 years.
+ MDVIP’s government relations programs
+ What is coming up next at MDVIP?



Links, Data & URLs Mentioned:

+ New MDVIP Survey Captures Sentiment of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers on Aging and Life Expectancy: Health, Longevity Not So Much Reality for Generation X – http://www.mdvip.com/about-mdvip/press-…ality-generation-x
+ New MDVIP Study Reveals Personalized Preventive Care Yields Decreased Costs and Better Health Management – http://www.mdvip.com/about-mdvip/press-…-and-better-health
+ New Study Shows Cleveland HeartLab Inflammation Testing can Prevent Thousands of Heart Attacks and Strokes – http://www.mdvip.com/about-mdvip/press-…rt-attacks-strokes
+ Survey: Baby Boomers Say Fear is Primary Health Motivator – http://www.mdvip.com/about-mdvip/press-…y-health-motivator
+ New Study Finds Preventive Care Reduces Healthcare Cost Among Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries – http://www.mdvip.com/about-mdvip/press-…care-beneficiaries
+ Study Proves Dramatic Reduction in Hospitalizations & $300 Million Savings for MDVIP’s Personalized Healthcare Model – http://www.mdvip.com/about-mdvip/

4950 Communication Ave., Ste. 100
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Office: 561-310-5455
Web: mdvip.com

Regarding Retirement & Succession Planning Conversations, contact: Tony Siebel, Director of Corporate Development, MDVIP.
Office: 502-216-5655

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