Specialdocs Consultants CEO Terry Bauer teams up with ‘Special Docs’ around the country to offer unique perspectives on the current state and future promise of concierge medicine

Specialdocs Informs and Inspires at Concierge Medicine Industry’s Signature Event Nov. 12th – 14th

Pioneers and innovators at the Concierge Medicine Forum: (clockwise from left) Terry Bauer, CEO, Specialdocs Consultants, and ‘Special Docs’ Uday Jani, MD, Shore View Personalized Medical Care; Dominick Curatola, MD; Dorothy Serna, MD, North Cypress Internal Medicine & Wellness; Morris Hasson, MD; Natasha Beauvais, MD, Ken Zweig, MD and Cecily Havert, MD, Northern Virginia Family Practice Associates.

CHICAGO, Nov. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — At the 2020 Concierge Medicine Forum (CMF), Terry Bauer, CEO of Specialdocs Consultants, a pioneer in concierge medicine transitions and management, along with a group of the company’s outstanding physician-clients, will share an inside look at the practice model that continues to fuel one of the healthcare industry’s rare success stories in a year of unprecedented challenge. A completely virtual experience for the first time, the highly anticipated annual industry event spans three days of presentations, workshops and live chat sessions with concierge industry leaders; all focused on the relevant theme of collaboration in medicine.

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“This year has exposed the vulnerabilities of traditional fee-for-service practices in ways we could never have foreseen,” says Bauer. “And 2020 has also underscored the resilience and rewards of the Specialdocs model of personalized medicine and inspired rising numbers of physicians to consider this beneficial alternative for themselves and their patients. At this pivotal point in American healthcare, we are privileged to share with Concierge Medicine Forum attendees our collective experience and first-person stories of transformation from our network of dedicated doctors.”

Michael Tetreault, CMF organizer and editor of Concierge Medicine Today, says: “The virtual format enables us to host a more diverse gathering of healthcare professionals than ever before, and offer 24/7 on-demand access to insights from the industry’s most creative minds. We’re thrilled to feature groups like Specialdocs, pioneers and continual innovators in the concierge medicine space.”

Specialdocs will be featured at events including: (all ET)

Thursday, Nov. 12th Pre-conference workshop (Click Here to View Schedule/Register to Attend …)

  • Concierge Medicine: is it right for you, your patients, and your market?” T Bauer 10:40 – 11:35 AM
  • Physician Perspectives Panel. Special Doc Morris Hasson, MD, California, discusses the rewards and challenges of his transition to concierge medicine. 2:40-3:40 PM
  • “Group Concierge Medicine: Does it Work?” Special Docs Natasha Beauvais, MD; Cecily Havert, MD; Ken Zweig, MD, Northern Virginia Family Practice Associates. 2 PM

Friday, Nov. 13th | Click Here to View Schedule/Register to Attend …

  • “Cutting Through the Fog: What a Medical Practice Will Look Like for Traditional Fee-for-Service and Concierge Physicians for the Foreseeable Future” T Bauer. 2-3 PM
  • “Social Media for Doctors Made Simple: What are You Putting into the World” Special Doc Uday Jani, MD, integrative concierge medicine, Shoreview Personalized Care, Delaware. 4-5 pm

After 2 pm | Click Here to View Schedule/Register to Attend …

  • “Lifestyle Medicine in a Concierge Practice” Special Doc Dorothy Serna, MD, North Cypress Internal Medicine & Wellness, Texas
  • “Lessons Learned: Challenges and Physician Satisfaction Years Later” Special Doc Dominick Curatola, MD, cardiac concierge medicine, California

Saturday, Nov. 14 | Click Here to View Schedule/Register to Attend …

  • “Concierge Physician Lifecycle: From Exhaustion to Exhilaration to Exit” T Bauer  2 PM
  • “Restoring the Balance: Physician’s Guide to the New World Ahead of Us” Uday Jani, MD  3-4 pm

Since 2002, concierge medicine transition and management experts Specialdocs Consultants have helped physicians nationwide transform their practices with a uniquely customized and sustainable concierge model.

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