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EVENT: Tuesday Night Webinar (7-8pm) EDT | Introduction to Subscription Healthcare Delivery 101

We’ll walk you through a basic introductory understanding of what Subscription-based healthcare delivery is and its possibilities are.

About this Event

Patient Fatigue with their Doctor is at an all-time high.

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Physician Burnout is also rising at an alarming rate.

How do the expectations meet?

This conversation and an exploratory dive into “The Typecast Doctor” couldn’t be more more timely.

Inside this Webinar, presented at the recent 2020-2021 Concierge Medicine Forum Annual “Membership Medicine 101” CME Workshop, Editor-In-Chief, Michael Tetreault walks Physicians through recent trends and Patient survey findings that will help all of us break the typecast placed on us as Physicians.

The webinar will walk us through stories, practical examples and present solutions Doctors can implement to help “rescue their career” and find joy in practicing medicine, again.


Please note, this is a pre-recorded segment of a CME Workshop which was conducted. It is NOT available for CMEs as this is a REPLAY, not live event at this time. Please visit to learn more about upcoming CME events, webinars, workshops, exclusive interviews, podcasts, etc.

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