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EP 350 (NEW Podcast, LISTEN) | My Doctor, Medicare Isolation and Adult Prom Proposals

(New Podcast!) Listen – EP 350 | My Doctor, Medicare Isolation and Adult Prom Proposals

By Michael Tetreault, Host/Author

Today we tug on those heart strings. We pick up the pieces where some of your colleagues let go and talk about the isolation the Medicare aged folks are feeling.

It’s no secret that the Physician-Patient relationship is a tough one to navigate. Compound prescription management, the Pandemic, isolation and the like and we have a recipe in our communities for an entire generation of Medicare-age family and friends to feel more depressed, alone and unassisted than ever before.

In today’s podcast we talk about the following, how they relate to one another and what simple things your Doctor can do (hint, make a list of five people each week, make one phone call or drop a handwritten note per day in the mail).

+ The Growing Medicare Population Isolation
+ Adult Prom Proposals and Asking for Patient Reviews
+ Make a list and why

We hope you enjoy this podcast. Got other ideas? Got a story you’d like to share/be interviewed? Drop us at


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