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Part 4: Public Speaking Opportunities FOR DOCTORS and Becoming a Subject Matter Expert In Your Local Community

Media 101: How to position yourself as a medical expert

Do you see yourself as the next Dr. Sanjay Gupta? A seasoned expert shares words of wisdom on working with the media.

Many physicians write articles for local news outlets and pursue radio and television appearances to stay up-to-date on health news and increase their practice’s visibility. But physicians should realize that their active involvement with the media can also benefit their community and public health, said media health expert Jennifer Caudle, DO, during an OMED session Tuesday.

When working with the media, physicians can use their expertise to educate a greater pool of the public than just their patient population, noted Dr. Caudle, who regularly appears on CNN, Fox News and other media outlets.

“Who better to talk about health than everyone sitting in this room?” she asked.

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As a third-year medical student, Dr. Caudle said, she began noticing with interest that news shows would often present dubious health information.

“You hear all these almost ridiculous claims or studies that are being talked about in the news, maybe without context, maybe without perspective,” she said. “Throughout the years I’ve [wondered], ‘Who is actually reading these studies? Who’s in charge of presenting this information to the public?’



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