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Town & Country | Inside The Covid-19 Concierge Medicine Boom

What members-only medical practices can offer in the age of Covid.

At the height of the pandemic in New York City, concierge medicine providers were fielding phone calls left and right from clients eager to get tested, stat. Doctors were asked to zip out to the Hamptons to deliver quick turnaround tests before dinner parties, others to fast-track tests for C-suite executives and tech titans eager to get back to business as usual. Overall, concierge practices—membership to which typically runs in the neighborhood of $10,000 a year—got a lot busier. Enrollment surged, and not just among the ultra-rich. There were also those who weighed the cost/benefit of not having to stand in line at City MD, and who wanted to feel secure that if they did catch the virus, they could be treated immediately by the best doctors available—then made the adjustments necessary to pay.

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